Getting To Know Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

1622496_709012472452292_883637224_oHi everyone allow me to introduce my self. I’m Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet. I’m 20 years old, I get the name Jeffrey from my older sister. Very rare your sister or brother has a say in your name process. Williams I get from my Mother’s side, and Maisonet from my Father’s side. Maisonet is a French last name which can hint to you what my actual race is. I rather not discuss what my race is because I feel race is dividing each other in the world. I’m here to unite not to fight.

Although I’m very young, you would be surprised by the stuff I came across in my life. At only 20 years old I my self sometimes wonder, How is this possible? Just to keep note! This blog is not to talk about me much. I have a new passion to write and do reporting in the community I truly love. I started a journey as young as 17 years old, doing community organizing. What I’m about to share with you is extremely personal and I don’t care if it gets out to the pubic. This is something I felt needed to be shared. This story I’m about to tell you, is why I created this blog and why I have this passion to become a reporter.

It’s about the time where closure is the gateway to being free for the mind.

I am coming to you to share my horrible moments when I became a member of the Rockaway Youth Task Force (RYTF). Shortly after Hurricane Sandy  – I wanted to get up from my computer and help make a change in my community. This felt like a great opportunity to do something wonderful and respectful.
Therefore,  I joined RYTF at the age of 17.  I was very excited to get started on working in my community. An exciting dream seemed very real; But, little did I know I was walking into a nightmare that would demonstrate dishonesty.  This was not my world.
RYTF is run by Milan Taylor. Unfortunately, Milan Taylor didn’t turn out to be the great leader I thought he was per my research. When you are young, everything seems all good at  RYTF – especially when they are feeding you junk food like pizza and chips and soda.
Bribing one with food to get what he wants from is how Milan Taylor knows how to operate. You see, at age 17 – I didn’t know any better so I fed into it. I was a very active member when I joined. I  attended every meeting and rally they had.  I thought my commitment to the organization would help the anger and tension Milan and others had toward me and one another.  .

As time went by and I was getting older, as well as getting ready to graduate High School,  I was looking for something big to start in my life, so I wanted to explore new careers just like anyone else. I landed one of my first real jobs working at McDonald’s while I was still with Rockaway Youth Task Force. I had a hard time paying senior dues, so I wanted to exit RYTF to focus on that.  RYTF was not happy that I was exiting, so I told them why and Milan said he wanted to help.  Milan Taylor offered me money to work for him in his office as a intern at RYTF.   Milan Taylor wanted one thing from me, to “QUIT MY JOB AT McDONALDS.”  I thought that would be OK;  But, it brought up some red flags.  Though,  I took the job,  since I wanted to do great things for my community and that was my goal.

I should of paid better attention to all the signs!  When I became an intern that’s when the nightmare begun. When you’re an Intern for RYTF, you  spend most of your time after school with them and Milan Taylor. If I thought it wasn’t bad enough to spend two hours with Milan Taylor –  to be constantly manipulated and peer pressured, imagine spending 5-6 hours with him to be yelled at and pressured into doing something unethical regarding many things that were not right.
As an intern,  you get to see how Milan Taylor and RYTF really get down. I’ve saw numerous doings and suspicious activity take place that are not  legal in my opinion. Such things as creating petitions that are wrongful  and accuse others of false wrongdoings.
The major wrongful petition developed was to make sure Culinary Kids did not get awarded  Beach 58th Street space. The petition was conducted by Milan Taylor   and backed by RYTF and other political leaders. The petition was so falsified that RYTF had taken the wrong picture of Culinary Kids space on Beach 31st Street, Instead the petition had a picture of Edgemare Farms located on Beach 45th Street.
Now, regarding my hours with RYTF;
I worked as a Intern well over my hours scheduled at RYTF and was not awarded a 15 minute break, per Department of Labor Law, nor the  half hour break when working over 4 hours. My schedule on paper was from 4-8pm, instead all nights I was in the office and/or outside conducting outreach till 10pm . When confronting Milan Taylor about it he said, “you can go home when I say you could. Don’t mind the schedule Jeffrey.”” I’m paying you and helping you. Don’t be like that.” I was in school from 8am-3pm, hungry and tired and sometimes in pain and I still gave him everything I had.  Well it sure didn’t feel like a favor after all. Continuing on it gets worst.   I was told to get signatures outside in “below 20 degree weather” and to not come back to the office until I got 50 signatures. No one is going to stand and listen to me in cold temperatures to sign a fake petition. I was sent to the Beach 50s to do the work. The office is located on Mott Ave. I had only a school metro card to get around. My rides would be running out and it would be hard to get back to the office but I always found a way.
On top of that I didn’t reach Milan Taylor’s  goal of 50 signatures, so of course he throws a huge loud tantrum saying “You had a job to do and you failed!” Not caring about how I felt in that cold, or how I got back to the office. Moving on from that I started having more problems. It seems like this nightmare would never end. He got upset with me because I kept talking back to him with rebuttals about the work he wanted done. I asked him, what you got against these people? Why are you doing this to people? His response was to take my hoody and shirt off and leave if I don’t like it. No graduation for me if I did that because I would have no money.

Milan Taylor totally continued to control me because of my situation and I just wanted it to stop. My last two projects before I was finally handed the check, was to do outreach to recruit more RYTF members and to help Councilman Donovan Richards with Participatory Budgeting.

Of course with what I had been through,  I wanted no part of recruiting more members and no PB either because Milan Taylor was planning to “misuse” the money for a RYTF BUS AND HOUSE TO LIVE IN  &  “NOT CAPITAL” “NOR USE IT TO HELP OUR COMMUNITY.”  Thank goodness the Councilman did not let him do this. I got the work done in deep regret to my community and the youth. But I said it’s all over I’m going to take my salary and never look back at this organization again. So I thought it was over when I got the check.
But its not the end!
They continue to harass me about leaving the organization and said I’m a trader for taking money from the organization and leaving. False! I worked for my Salary!   I did my job. . Milan Taylor got angry and so did others and he told me you will regret this.
A year later, Milan Taylor was busted and charged with Disorderly Conduct and plead guilty. The female he put his hands on had a order protection Implemented on him. Milan Taylor had 6 months of anger management required by the court. …I read such a post on Facebook and left a benign comment about it. Milan Taylor approached me in the street getting off the train at Mott Ave train station. Along with his partner and 101 Princent Council President Jasmine Outlaw, he approach me about the comment. I told Milan Taylor to leave me alone and he physically hit and grabbed me and told me “oh really?  He said, “lets not do this in public.” Trying to lore me into an ally under the train station to so call chat I declined and he walked away saying, “don’t say anything about me again understand?” I followed up with a police report the same hour to report the crime. The precinct was very helpful and told me if I called them he would of been arrested and charged with Harassment. They told me if it happens again “he will be arrested.” Still to this day I’m traumatized by this man and Organization and I just want it to stop.
I want to raise awareness to everyone about this Organization. No one should ever join nor have their child around Milan Taylor. He’s dangerous and does not care for the community.

9 thoughts on “Getting To Know Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet”

  1. I have felt the vib through spirit and political talk that RYTF was not a great organization or not run by people who had good intentions. I never thought it would be that bad.

    Glad you are ok and strong enough to press on with your life.

    You are in a field that I felt rockaway needed. Another reporting outlet. What would be best is a radio station. THAT is what I want in our community. Our own radio and TV reporting station. Rockaway is isolated enough to have it’s own. Self sufficiency is key.

    Praying your strength.

    Agape and Lampo!

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  2. Wow thats horrible this needs to be exposed for what it is i have a friend whos a reporter hes also from rockaway his name is Gary Toms he gos the pen name the Gman look him up on facebook and you tube and talk to him about this he may be able to help expose this creep..

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  3. Wow what a creep…look up my friend Gary Toms hes a reporter with the pen name the Gman look on youtube for the Gman interviewes hes from the rockaways he may be able to help expose this creep…

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  4. You are a brave man and an asset to the community. We need more people who are working to make a change. please do not lose your spirit and energy! Stay strong, my friend!

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