Statement made from the MTA at 11:59am Saturday morning.

“NYC Transit and MTA Bus service will begin an orderly shutdown of all local, limited and express service at NOON. Access-A-Ride service will also be suspended. We advise customers who do not have to travel to remain at home until the current weather conditions subside and roads cleared for safe operations. ”

Starting at Noon all these changes will be in full effect for the peninsula. As for Long Island Railroad “Far Rockaway” Branch, will be currently operating with scattered weather related delays. The MTA issued a statement, “Crews and snow fighting equipment have been dispatched and are working to keep platforms and rails clear of ice and snow. We are monitoring conditions for impacts to service. We advise customers if at all possible to remain at home during the duration of this storm”.

I urge all Rockaway residents to stay at home and shop locally if SAFE. Q22,Q53,Q52,Q21 are not running. A trains are running with Storm Delays. Rockaway Park Shuttle train has been suspended. I urge everyone not to drive, the roads are dangerous.

For more info and updates please visit and

Be safe everyone from the J-MAN and Rockaway Primetime.

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