Blizzard Photos From Arverne

Blizzard 2016 has been a hard one for most residents in Rockaway. Cars have been buried. Snow reaching above knee length.  Let’s not forget the dreadful winds that blow snow across our faces no matter where we turn. With all these struggles, we can not let this storm change our opinion on the beauty of this blizzard. Without further ado, let me now illustrate photos taken by Residents and I.



Looking at the CALL-A-HEAD porter potty. Nearly half way covered. Photo taken by Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet.


Photo shows how hard it was just to reach your home during the storm. A couple was bold enough to take the hike up the stairs. They’ve made it up safely. Photo taken by Rosemarie Williams.

12631002_10207491164704482_584107153_o Picture describes what vehicles had to be used to get through the mess. Photo shows a pick-up truck with a plow connected to it. Right beside the truck is an ATV that is use for conditions like snow cover. Photo taken by Theresa Racine.

12591988_10207491176144768_878670741_oRockaway freeway during a early morning blizzard. How lovely…. Photo taken by Theresa Racine.


 Arverne View complex A.K.A Ocean Village. Three bold people relaxing in the blizzard. Photo taken by Rosemarie Williams.

IMG_0836“Can’t even walk when the snow is knee deep” says Rosemarie Williams. Photo taken by Rosemarie Williams.

IMG_0845“Wasn’t smart to walk back here” says Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet.” I was nearly hit by two Sanitation trucks trying to plow the street”. I was looking for a way onto the boardwalk. Forgot it was no boardwalk near the beach 67th street section.  


The two Sanitation trucks working hard to push the snow aside. Photo taken by Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet.

If you have photos of this storm that you’ll like to share. Contact Primetime Editor Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet at

Be safe out there and remain warm.

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