Billzard Photos From Rockaway Park

Blizzard 2016 has been a hard one for most residents in Rockaway. Cars have been buried. Snow reaching above knee length.  Let’s not forget the dreadful winds that blow snow across our faces no matter where we turn. With all these struggles, we can not let this storm change our opinion on the beauty of this blizzard. Without further ado, let me now illustrate photos taken by Residents.



Who knew birds like the snow too?   Photo By: Ivy Farrell



We all know the feeling about waking up to a car trapped in snow. Photo by: Ivy Farrell


Day after the blizzard. Time for Work! Photo by: Annette Lauritsch


Why aren’t the streets plowed? Good question Mayor…. Photo by: Annette Lauritsch  Location: Beach 110th street.


Even Marissa’s son out after the blizzard. Smell a snowball fight coming….

Photo by: Marissa Bernowitz


Want the job done? We do it ourselves. Even kids work harder than the City of New York.

Photo by: Marissa Bernowitz

As much as we hate the snow. The kids remind us of our childhood and appreciation for the snow. Photo by: Michelle

Amazing work by this family. Created their own winter wonder land, in their own back yard. Love these photos. Photo by: Karen

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