Primetime looking for donations to expand

Hi, I’m Jeffrey Maisonet. I am currently seeking funds to start my own community website. The website will be based on reporting events, meetings, community issues, and politics.  The website is not about me. It’s about keeping my community informed and seeking an audience of writers, and readers.  The fund is only 100 dollars, which is needed to start the website. I have a free website but the free account limits me to so little. If I am able to receive funds, I would be astounded and thankful for the donation. If you’ll like to check some of my work out? Please visit .  Once again , I am thankful in advance and remember every little bit helps. I don’t care if you donate just a dollar. The thought and the cause I am trying produce is all that matters.

I have a lot of work to post on this site. Unfortunately I can not post it because the free addition of this site only allows me write. I am not allowed to share video content or even audio. If Primetime Reporting was able to have it’s own site, the options are limitless. I would love to share the great stories I have with the Rockaway community, but until I can raise 100 bucks to start the site? This is what I have to deal with.  Thank you for your time. If you would like to contribute? Please click on the link below to make a small donation.

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