Primetime Sits With Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder


Recently, Rockaway Primetime had the honor and privilege of sitting down with Phillip Goldfeder, who represents the 23rd Assembly District. The interview was conducted Primetime’s very own Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet aka “J-Man”. 

Topics discussed included: state politics, aspects of Assemblyman Goldfeder’s personal life, Rockaway’s 23rd District, transportation issues (ferry service and the proposed railway), concerns of people on the east and west end of the peninsula, some of the major projects and/or proposals for his district, youth and politics and his views on the launch of Rockaway Primetime.

We thank Assemblyman Goldfeder for granting us an opportunity to discuss issues that are not only vital to Rockaway Primetime, but all residents of the Rockaway community. 


4 thoughts on “Primetime Sits With Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder”

  1. Ladies and gentlemen: Please join me in congratulating Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet for launching his brand new online community newspaper “Rockaway Primetime Reporting. At the tender age of 20, he is poised to accomplish great things and plans to work with ALL people in and around the peninsula. I’m proud to share the very first installment of his “Primetime Interviews” series, which he created. His special guest was Assemblyman Phillip Goldfeder, who represents the 23rd District.

    Note: There are ADULTS in Rockaway criticizing him for this interview. Cut it out! He’s only 20 and is just starting out. Instead of giving him a hard time, you need to be supporting him as a young man who’s taking charge, making a difference and actually doing something to try and unite the Rockaway community and cause change. I’ve got his back as an advisor and editor. If you attack him, without proper justification, you attack me. Period.

    This was your first interview, little buddy, and you did a damn good job for someone who has no experience. Proud of you, and the critics should be ashamed.

    “The G-Man”


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