Flooding and more flooding. Some homeowners need help, fast!

“When will we have answers to the sewer problem”? That is what a significant number of Broad Channel and Rockaway homeowners are asking. Angry residents are posing the question after two consecutive days of flooding near their homes. 

A week before the Blizzard of 2016, Rockaway was warned that a coastal flood and high surf advisory would be in effect for the entire week. Politicians and city officials were well aware of the high tides surrounding the areas, leaving scores of residents to wonder why their representatives remained inactive and silent. Another question they’re asking is why hasn’t the Office of Emergency Management (OEM), which is charged with the task of inspecting Rockaway’s sewers and waterways for potential threats to the shoreline and public safety, been more proactive in dealing with the issue?

Residents like “Karen”, who asked that her last name not be published, told Rockaway Primetime that her home has been and remains in jeopardy of being underwater. She’s been victimized by constant flooding in her basement because her home is located right on the shoreline of Broad Channel. “I can’t raise my house. I’m one of a few in the area who has a basement, not a crawl space,” she stated.  “This is crazy! I’m so afraid my boiler is going to be underwater, yet again,” she added. 

Karen also made mention of the fact that she’s received no help from elected officials. “After Superstorm Sandy, I don’t know how much more I can take. My flood insurance has tripled since the storm, and Assemblyman Goldfeder has been the only one to step up. His office has done everything possible to try and help.”  

Rockaway Primetime will continue to follow this developing story. If anyone would like to provide some form of assistance to Karen or other flooding victims, contact Rockaway Primetime.

Photos above showing the devastation of the high tides from Karen’s basement. 


Slide show of photos so far from the devastation of flooding.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos by : Kim Mannino, Annemarie Ancona-Clark, Natalya Bowen, Theresa Racine.

Comments from Residents.

Kim Mannino: “Still awaiting the DEP to show within their 24 hr, response time after filing complaint yesterday with 311”.

Kelly James: “ 87th street is flooded on Beach Channel Drive, can’t drive down the block“.




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