Primetime Interviews: City Councilman Eric Ulrich


Primetime Interviews recently met with City Councilman Eric Ulrich of the 32nd District to talk about his career, the concerns of his constituents and his long-term goals. 

Topics of discussion also included:

  • His personal hero
  • His political background
  • His accomplishments in the district
  • His response to rumors of a Mayoral bid 
Enjoy the segment, and thank you for your continued support.

One thought on “Primetime Interviews: City Councilman Eric Ulrich”

  1. Rockaway Primetime: This interview was exceptional in providing an in-depth look at Councilman Ulrich. He was extremely candid, and I was completely stunned by the fact that he publicly called out members of the GOP, at the state and local level, for succumbing to demagoguery and forsaking the core principles of conservatism. Clearly, he is not your typical Republican. I’m registered in the state of New York as an Independent, but I was very impressed with Ulrich’s comments and knowledge regarding his party’s history and legacy. Keep up the good work, “J-Man”.


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