House on the Rock Church Conducts Boardwalk Service

It was a bitterly cold day when people gathered at the entrance of the boardwalk on Beach 95 Street. But that didn’t stop the House on the Rock Church from conducting services with members of the Christian community.

The service began with a hymnal by all in attendance. Shortly after, Pastor Garry, the church’s founder, invited attendees and onlookers to pray. As the prayer concluded, Pastor Garry reminded everyone about the power of hope and how it affects everyday life. He illustrated the point by reflecting on the hardships Rockaway faced in the wake of Super Storm Sandy.

Additionally, he talked about the loss of his father and how hope and the power of prayer helped him overcome his grief. To the shock of many, the pastor also revealed how he was trapped in a fire and had 30 percent of his body burned. The horrific event occurred two days before Sandy descended on Rockaway. “If I had given up hope, who knows where I would be,” said Pastor Garry.

The pastor closed his sermon by noting that everything being built round us will cease to exist. “One day, the things behind me will no longer be here. The new condos, the homes being built on sand and the new boardwalk will be gone. But trusting in Jesus is forever… and will help build a mountain of hope,” said the pastor.

After a final prayer, kids received candy and took part in an Easter egg hunt.

For those interested, Pastor Garry has invited members of the community to visit his church, which is located at 91-08 Rockaway Beach Boulevard.


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