Need to find your local poll site?

This link below will provide all the information you need for primary day tomorrow 4/19/2016.


  1. Click this link:
  2. Enter the home address of where you live. If you are doing this for friend, type your friend’s address in. Capture
  3. After you enter your address it is important that you look at the address and location and write it down. What ever address comes up, that’s your polling station.Capture.PNG 2
  4. You are not done! Take a look at this before you exit. It is Important to know what district you live in and who is running for your district. Capture.PNG 4
  5. Last, check the ballot to see who is running for what. Prepare who you are going to vote for before you go. That way no one can persuade you otherwise.Capture.PNG 3

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