When Are We Going to Get Real Work Done in Rockaway?

I’ve asked myself this question on many occasions and wondered if we’ll ever to get the goods and services that we need. Sadly, my answer is always no. Why? I’ve noticed a constant pattern regarding how business is conducted in Rockaway, economically, politically and socially. Let me give you a few examples.

The Rockaway Ferry – Many residents and activist have been vigorously fighting over this issue and continue to do so. They attend meeting after meeting to express their concerns and present recommendations to the Economic Development Corporation (EDC). Oftentimes, the EDC reps respond by saying, “We are making note of your concerns and we’ll submit them to our team for discussion”. Or better yet, the agency will say something like, “We have no answers or ‘specifics’ at this time”.

Much to my surprise, typical response of community residents has always been complete silence. We let them get away with it! Nobody holds them accountable! We all know what they’re telling us is total nonsense, and we don’t have to be lawyers or politicians to figure that out.

Anyway, to further illustrate my point, NY1 just issued a report on how over 1500 supporters signed a petition that was created to name the ferry landing after a community activist/photographer named Laura Deckelman. This is amazing! Don’t get me wrong. I’m not attacking the effort. In fact, I signed in support of the measure as well.

Now, let’s compare this to what people have been fighting about regarding the ferry. People still want a shuttle bus service from and to the ferry landing from all areas of Rockaway. This was mentioned to EDC several times. No response has been issued by the EDC. People also want a Metrocard transfer from the ferry to a train or bus. Again, no solutions have been introduced. Why? In my humble opinion, we don’t fight hard enough.

‘STOP’ the BS! – Here’s another example. A petition was also created by a local resident in effort to have a stop sign placed in a school zone. The petition was launched after a three-car accident occurred on the block of Nelson Street and Dinsmore Avenue. You can scroll through previous news posts on this site to read the story and view photos of the accident scene.

The photos clearly pinpoint the site of the accident and where the schools are located. You would think this petition would get the same amount of signatures as the one for the naming of the ferry landing. Well, it didn’t. By the way, don’t give me that…”Oh, it wasn’t advertised enough”. It was brought to the attention of Community Board 14 and local elected officials. To date, nothing has been accomplished. I guess child safety is not as important as naming the ferry landing. Don’t take my word for it. Visit the following links for proof.



Wait!  I’m not done!

Why aren’t the parks in Rockaway equipped with flood lights for night-time sports activities?  No, no, no. I’m not talking about one or two little flood lights at Bayswater Park. I mean something like this.


Why don’t our parks look like this? This court is located in Harlem. If it can be done there, it can be done here. I think the youth of Rockaway would prefer summer nights at the parks instead of summer nights in jail cells. That’s something to think about. Enough said on this issue.

In closing, here’s a link that breaks down how Puerto Rico, a U.S. Commonwealth, provides funding for parks and recreation.





3 thoughts on “When Are We Going to Get Real Work Done in Rockaway?”

  1. Well said ….this is why we need fresh new blood in Far Rockaway politics . For over 20 years Rockaway has been on the decline…poor schools, no jobs and poor services. ..its time for change….if not now …then when


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