Weekly Update From The Mayor’s Office Of Community Affairs

Weekly Overview


The Mayor’s executive budget has been released. It includes Zika preparedness funding…e-waste pick-up on Staten Island…a new family health center in the South Bronx…the speed-up for a backup outer-borough water supply…support and transformation of our public hospitals…small-street snow removal equipment… social services and health centers in schools…a water bill credit… reforms on and off Rikers Island – and at the Board of Elections…more FDNY EMS tours…a new NYPD precinct…and animal shelters for the Bronx and Queens.


The Details


The Executive Budget – The Mayor’s executive budget proposal for the upcoming fiscal year is a balanced, $82.2 billion blueprint founded on a series of targeted investments and aggressive savings and reserve plans. While New York City’s economy continues to grow and diversify – fueled by the strongest two-year job gain ever – uncertainty at home and abroad, paired with declining support from state and federal partners, represents a significant threat to our financial future. To guard against economic downturn, this budget adds hundreds of millions more to reserve funds already at unprecedented highs, while pushing the Citywide Savings Program to a new five-year watermark. Such prudent budgeting has once again allowed the Mayor to smartly invest in public safety, health care, and education initiatives, along with further commitments to our City’s infrastructure, transportation system, and homelessness reduction efforts.


Click here for more information on the individual items from the executive budget outlined above.

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