Assemblywoman Titus,oral testimony to Notice of Public Hearing on Worker Safety Programs in New York State

Assemblywoman Titus, hearing oral testimony during Notice of Public Hearing on Worker Safety Programs in New York State- April 28, 2016

Assemblywoman Michele Titus, Chair of Assembly Standing Committee on Labor; the Subcommittee on Workplace Safety, Assembly Commission on Skills Development And  Career Education held a public hearing on effective workplace safety programs. The purpose of this hearing was to hear testimony regarding the utilization of workplace training and safety programs to examine best practices for workplace safety and evaluate opportunities for additional worker training.

“With your expertise in this particular area..I’d like to ask you to  describe any recent trends showing employer violations and are there any data showing any new trends in the ways that employers are violating the law,” Assemblymember Titus, asked Evan Goldberg, President of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association (NYSTLA). (Public Hearing Notice)  ” Thank you to those who have already spoken up regarding this very important issue, and thank you in advance to those who still plan on doing so in our upcoming hearings. We truly appreciate all of your input, which will allow us to proceed accordingly in the months and years to come as we are looking to improve the safety programs  for all workers in New York State.

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