Queens Public Transit Committee To Rally At MTA Open House Meeting In Arverne

The Queens Public Transit Committee will rally, rain or shine for the QueensRail at the DOT and MTA Select Bus Service open house forums on Tuesday, May 17 from 6 to 8 p.m., at PS/MS 42 Robert Vernam School, 488 Beach 66th St, Arverne, New York 11692.

Additional rallies will follow on Saturday, May 21 at PS 65 in Ozone Park and Wednesday, May 25 at PS 306 in Woodhaven.

Stop Select Bus Service and the QueensWay!

Promote the QueensRail!

DOT plans to take away our Q 52 and Q 53 bus stops, (Beach 105, 101, 98, 86, W 5th Road and Atlantic Avenue bus stops), traffic lanes, left turns, parking, lower speed limits, move bus stops onto dangerous medians and increase unfair tickets for Queens commuters.

Rally at DOT Select Bus Service open house.  Bring posters.  Unite Queens with the QueensRail, Stop Select BS, give us back our train and our roadways, don’t take away our bus stops or traffic lanes, stop Vision Zero Gridlock!  Share the roadway, don’t steal the roadway!  Demand the QueensRail!  Unite and get organized.
Call or text Queens Public Transit Committee at  718-679-5309.

Tell DOT,  No to Select Bus Service.  We need the QueensRail not DOT gimmicks.

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