Assemblyman Goldfeder Makes Streets Safer for Beach Channel Students

Goldfeder secures permanent NYPD crossing guard outside Beach Channel Educational Campus after penning letter to Commissioner Bratton


100th Precinct Commander confirms guard assigned to intersection frequently a concern for parents, teachers and drivers at school dismissal time

Rockaway Beach, Queens – Students at the Beach Channel Educational Campus will now have a second set of well-trained eyes to help them look both ways while crossing the street. In response to a request by Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder (D – Rockaway), the NYPD has agreed to place permanent School Crossing Guards on Beach Channel Drive at the entrance to the school to improve student safety.


“Beach Channel Drive has always been one of our busiest roads and sadly, our students too often take their chances crossing when they shouldn’t. This new permanent crossing guard will help prevent accidents and ensure our students remain safe on their way to and from school,” said Assemblyman Goldfeder. “I applaud Commissioner Bratton and our own 100th Precinct Commanding Officer Janice Holmes for providing this valuable service to the community.”

In a recent letter, Police Commissioner William Bratton responded to Assemblyman Goldfeder’s request for a permanent School Crossing Guard at the intersection of Beach Channel Drive and Beach 101st Street near the Beach Channel Educational Campus. The Commissioner assured Goldfeder that street safety is of “great concern” to the NYPD, adding that each precinct commander is responsible for monitoring and adjusting School Guard coverage within each command.

Having been informed of the request by the Commissioner’s office and in conversation with Goldfeder’s staff, Captain Janice Holmes, the Commanding Officer of the 100th Precinct, which covers the campus, confirmed for the Assemblyman that a crossing guard would be placed at the school. Captain Holmes noted during the Precinct Community Council meeting last week that the new crossing guard had already been assigned to the post and would begin shortly. For his part, Goldfeder had words of praise for the recently-appointed Holmes.


“In little more than a month, Captain Holmes has gone above and beyond in responding to families’ concerns and working to keep us safe. The school year may almost be over but that means beach season is just around the corner and with the Captain and her officers we’re in good hands,” concluded Goldfeder. 


Rockaway Beach, Queens – 100th Precinct Commanding Officer Captain Janice Holmes (right) recently confirmed the placement of a permanent School Crossing Guard outside the Beach Channel Educational Campus in response to a request by Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder (left).


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