Howard Beach, NY (May 19, 2016) In an effort to provide Far Rockaway residents with more affordable transportation options on weekends, while also increasing tourism and other economic activity in the peninsula’s beach communities, Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. is co-sponsoring a bill (S.6741) that would include Far Rockaway in the reduced fare CityTicket program operated by the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR).


“The Long Island Rail Road provides reduced fares between midnight on Saturdays and midnight on Sundays for trips within New York City, but visits to and from Far Rockaway have been excluded because the train passes outside of the City into Nassau County for part of the trip,” said Addabbo. “Since passengers begin and end their trips within the confines of the City, this policy doesn’t make sense and robs Far Rockaway residents of the chance to travel on weekends at reduced fares enjoyed by people in other areas. This needs to change.”


Addabbo noted that including the Far Rockaway station in the program would occur at no cost to the state and would benefit the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), the agency that operates the LIRR, with increased ridership during the reduced-fare  hours. It would also encourage more people to visit local beaches and contribute to the area economy.


“Making trips to and from Far Rockaway more affordable will benefit a community that is already struggling with very limited transportation options while providing a boost for local businesses and our beaches,” said Addabbo. “If the station is included in CityTicket, the weekend fare of $8.25 would be reduced to $4.25 for single direction trips to and from Far Rockaway, Queens. That’s cutting the cost of trips almost in half. As our communities continue to rebuild and recover from Hurricane Sandy, we should do everything we can to aid local residents and support our stores, restaurants and other economic partners in moving forward.”


The legislation was recently approved by the Senate Transportation Committee and is under review by the Senate Finance Committee. In the Assembly, the proposal is being considered by the Committee on Corporations, Authorities and Commissions.


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