NYPD Officer Grants Teen’s Birthday Wish

By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

A young teen in Rockaway wanted to invite a police officer to her birthday party. However, the teen had a specific officer in mind for the celebration. That officer was P.O. Young from the 100th Precinct.

According to a number of sources, P.O Young has a great rapport with young residents in the community and takes part in a weekly basketball tournament in effort to bridge the divide between police and the community.

Much to the teen’s surprise, P.O. Young showed up with a cake and his partner! As an added bonus, the officers stayed to sing “Happy Birthday” and offered well-wishes for the future.

“The action taken by the officers and the NYPD was more than what I could’ve hoped for,” said the teen.

“I look forward to letting everyone know what the police did for me that day.”

One thought on “NYPD Officer Grants Teen’s Birthday Wish”

  1. This Is the Majority of the NYPD…these are the reasons they join….lets find, celebrate and give “More” air time to these good ones.
    God Bless Them and keep them safe, they keep Us safe!


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