Councilman Ulrich Votes to Protect New York’s Quality of Life

Ozone Park, NY – Councilman Eric Ulrich today voted against five bills that will severely diminish the quality of life all New Yorkers enjoy.  The bills, which are a part of a package supporters call the “Criminal Justice Reform Act,” decriminalize many quality of life crimes in New York City.
“Every New Yorker deserves a good quality of life. These bills will only diminish our ability to keep our city clean and safe,” said Councilman Eric Ulrich.  “Issuing summonses in lieu of enforcing the law is like giving a slap on the wrist to offenders and also a slap in the face to the taxpaying, law abiding citizens of the Big Apple.”
Councilman Ulrich also noted that it’s unlikely the city will even be able to collect the fines people will receive.
“We’re delusional if we think people will pay these fines,” he added.  “Many people don’t pay their parking tickets.  There’s no reason to believe more people will pay their tickets from littering, public urination, and other offenses.”

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