BEWARE! Fake Rockaway Primetime Reporting Page On Facebook.

Let’s get it straight now! This page is a fake and a slanderous hit piece to damage my character and persona.

Here’s the link to the fake page.


Here is the real Rockaway Primetime Reporting!


If you have already liked the fake page? Please Unlike and spread the word.

Now, some of you are wondering, how did this happen? Well, I have screen shots to prove all my claims.

It all started when I posted the interview of “Culinary Kids talks about their struggles running a nonprofit”. I took down the interviews as an editorial decision because some of the information was miss-leading to the public. The interview had recordings of Culinary Kids and I. Culinary Kids spoke about their struggles in Rockaway. Fine. Until…. You start slandering peoples character and profession and insulting THE MANAGING EDITOR OF THE SITE THAT IS TRYING TO HELP YOU!

After my decision, I’ve had nothing but issues from the group via Internet.

They came across a guy named Wayne Oken, a computer troll and wanna be Rockaway Historian that lives in Florida. Wayne Oken some how obtain tapes of the recordings that was taken down. He sent the tapes to Culinary Kids so they could post it on their personal Facebook page.

Later on, friends and supporters of this site spotted the fake page and the attacks by Wayne Oken and Culinary Kids. Take a look at these screen shots as proof they are behind it all. Nothing else is worth explaining or clarifying. Lets all as a community report and shut these people off social media, so folks like us can make our community better.


Malisa Rivera One of the founders of Culinary Kids Culinary Arts Initiatives.

If anyone would like to report this nonprofit to either their fiscal agent or the Charity’s Bureau. Use the links below. (Fiscal Agent)  (Proof of Fiscal Agent)  (Charity’s Bureau)







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