First citywide ferry system in over 100 years will connect more than half a million New Yorkers with 21 neighborhoods for price of a single subway ride


Citywide Ferry will create 155 good local jobs, homeport at Brooklyn Navy Yard


NEW YORK — Today, Mayor Bill de Blasio, NYCEDC President Maria Torres-Springer, and Hornblower, the operator of Citywide Ferry, released new renderings of the brand new Citywide Ferry vessels that will be hitting New York’s waterways when service launches in 2017.


“The greatest city in the world deserves the greatest ferry system in the world. That’s exactly what New Yorkers are getting with these modern, efficient boats that come with Wi-Fi, charging stations, and plenty of space to move around comfortably. Most importantly, when we launch Citywide Ferry next summer we will be connecting New Yorkers in transit-starved neighborhoods with good jobs and opportunities all over the city,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio.


The renderings display the features that will make Citywide Ferry a pleasure to ride, whether traveling for work or for recreation. Among the more exciting features are charging stations, concessions, Wi-Fi, space for bicycles and more.


Nineteen vessels will be operating at 21 landings across New York City, providing a new and easy transport option for those in underserved communities and connecting people with the city’s hundreds of miles of waterfront.


The renderings are available for download on the Citywide Ferry website and via Dropbox.


Some of the specs and features for each vessel include:

  • Capacity for 149 passengers along with space for bikes, strollers and wheelchairs.
  • ADA accessibility and compliance.
  • Boats are 26 meters vs. the standard 22 meters, offering passengers more space.
  • Ferries primarily being built out of aluminum, which is light weight and increases fuel efficiency. The fleet of 19 vessels will be built with the equivalent of over 77 million cans of aluminum.
  • Use of T3 Engines to reduce emissions and noise.
  • Innovative hull design to limit wake and maximize fuel efficiency.
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the vessel.
  • Heated decks that increase each vessel’s resiliency and durability, especially during the cold, snowy winter months.


NYCEDC President Maria Torres-Springer said, “We’re excited to give New Yorkers a sneak peek at the brand new, state-of-the-art boats that will soon be connecting 21 landings around the five boroughs. Citywide Ferry Service is going to be a game changer, helping millions of New Yorkers access quality jobs and recreation along our city’s waterfront.”


Cameron Clark, VP and GM of Hornblower said, “Hornblower is working with leading designers and maritime experts to deliver a 21st century ferry product to New York Harbor that will make working, living and playing along the waterfront that much easier. The overall concept of these new vessels reflects our desire to deliver a system that builds on our strong record of environmental efficiency, sustainability and resiliency.”


Pegged to the price of a Metro Card, and launching at $2.75 per trip, Citywide Ferry will carry an estimated 4.6 million trips per year across six routes, providing new transportation options to communities where housing and jobs are growing rapidly. The East River Ferry will also be fully integrated into Citywide Ferry, which will bring the cost of that service down from $4 to $2.75. Phase one of Citywide Ferry is scheduled to launch in summer 2017.


In addition, five lucky New Yorkers who take a two-minute survey about Citywide Ferry through the website will automatically be entered to win one of five annual Citywide Ferry passes once service commences next year. Winners of the annual passes will be announced as Citywide Ferry gets closer to launch with one entry per person. For more information on Citywide Ferry, please visit www.CitywideFerry.NYC.


“The addition of citywide ferry service will give locals and visitors more reasons to explore the City’s vibrant and multicultural neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs. We welcome the new service and look forward to providing our visitors even better access to all of the excitement New York City has to offer,” said Fred Dixon, president and CEO of NYC & Company, the city’s official destination marketing organization.


“Ferries have been an underused part of our transit system for nearly a century. Having new ferries to support the mayor’s water transport plan will go a long way toward correcting that imbalance,” said Sam Schwartz, president and CEO of Sam Schwartz Engineering and former DOT commissioner.


“These new state of the art vessels will reduce wakes, minimize emissions and most importantly provide safe, quick and affordable transit to transit starved waterfront neighborhoods,” said Roland Lewis, President and CEO of the Waterfront Alliance. “This is another important step toward opening up the five borough blue highway with citywide ferry service.


Council Member Vincent Gentile said “For the cost of a single ride MetroCard swipe, New Yorkers will have the option to travel on cutting-edge and ultra-modern ferry vessels, connecting them to the five boroughs on our magnificent waterfront. In addition, the Citywide Ferry Service will create jobs locally in Brooklyn and will naturally amplify and generate commerce in communities where landings will be present. I look forward to the initial launch next summer.”


“A more connected New York City waterfront, especially in traditionally undeserved areas, means more options to get to and from where people live and work. I look forward to this initiative making the .City more accessible to all New Yorkers,” said Council Member Stephen Levin.


“The Urban Assembly New York Harbor School, New York City’s only maritime high school, is thrilled to work with the city and Hornblower on the development of city-wide ferry service. We have hoped and planned for this for over a decade. Not only are we excited to have the city, including our home on Governors Island, more connected than ever by ferries, our Career and Technical Education programs are currently training young New Yorkers to be able to drive, maintain and service these vessels,” saidMurray Fisher, co-Founder, UA New York Harbor School.

Scholars’ drops semi-final playoff game to older, more experienced Manhattan team

Scholars’ drops semi-final playoff game to older, more experienced Manhattan team

It was a case of David versus Goliath and Goliath finally won.

Washington Irving High School fields nine seniors, many of them 18 years old with three years of high school baseball experience and several playoff games behind them.

They have two pitchers who can throw the ball in the high 80’s and a catcher who can gun down runners at any base.

Scholars’ Academy, a team that played “David” all season and won every game, fields no seniors. Its baseball program is in its second year of operation under Coach Adam Berman. Its only playoff experience was one losing game last year.

While many of the players had years of experience in little league, few have more than one year of high school baseball experience and that one playoff game.

All that showed on Monday afternoon when the Manhattan school beat Scholars by a score of 14-2 and for most of the game, the local team was beat down by the visitor’s speed and power.

The Monday game started in the third inning with the score 1-0 in favor of Washington Irving after a Sunday suspended game due to heavy rain and an unplayable field.

The day started badly for Scholars, with pitcher John Allcock giving up four runs on four hits and two men on base hit by his pitches.

It all went downhill from there, with the Manhattan team hitting around for six runs in the top of the fifth, making the score 11-0.

Scholars got their only two runs in the bottom of the sixth on two hits and an error.

They went quietly in the bottom of the seventh with two strikeouts and a grounder to third.

The game ends a very successful season for the young team.

A PSAL official at the game told that he expected big things from the team next year.

“They’re young and talented,” he said. “They just have to get bigger and stronger and more experienced and they will be back in the mix next year.”

Washington Irving will play in the AAA Championship game at MCU Park in Brooklyn on Saturday.

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Howard Beach, NY (June 9, 2016) In order to ensure that dogs are cared for properly during very cold temperatures or other weather extremes, Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. recently joined with his Senate colleagues in approving legislation he co-sponsors (S.7316) that would increase fines for owners who willfully fail to provide appropriate outdoor shelter for their canine companions.


Addabbo noted that New York State law requires dog owners to provide shelter to their pets when they are left outside that is appropriate to their physical condition, breed and the climate. It is the responsibility of local police or animal control officers to investigate and assess compliance with the sheltering requirements.


“Despite the threat of fines, there have been many instances throughout New York State where dogs have been knowingly left outside without adequate shelter in freezing temperatures and have suffered severe pain and injuries,” said Addabbo. “If we hit irresponsible owners a little harder in the wallet, maybe they will be more inclined to take better care of their companion animals when they are left outside to brave the elements.”


Under the bill, fines for knowingly failing to provide adequate shelter would rise from $50-100 to $250 for a first offense. A second offense, now carrying fines of $100-250, would rise to $500, and a third violation would bring a charge of $1,000.


“The bottom line is that we need to take the health and welfare of our dogs and other companion animals very seriously, and give them the care they deserve as members of our families,” said Addabbo. “This legislation will help to make sure that dogs left outside are protected from preventable harm.”


The Assembly companion bill is now under consideration by the Committee on Agriculture.

Written Letter to Rockaway Primetime: My Experience Working at an Airport

By Anonymous sender.
So since I have had many who reached out in my time of need, I just wanted to compile all of the details into one space.
It all started roughly around April 2016. I was frustrated with the weather hindering my ability to work at my previous job in an amusement park. I was barely making 9.00/hr and it was hard to pick up more shifts because they had to give all staff they hired shifts. Plus, as with all jobs now, they told me to have open availability. I still went to interviews because I was not happy with making significantly less and subsequently losing my bank account. I was not happy with the complicated commute I had to make going further south in Queens to go crosstown and further south in Brooklyn. Plus, my bf at the time was making fun of where I was working.
I wanted to prove to myself that I can get back on my feet and work toward my career goals of being a fine beverage some in the food hospitality world.
Enter the job interview I landed via I got ready, dressed my best, and I spoke eloquently. I used tag words and I followed the body gestures and the vibe of those who interviewed me. I was told after my interview that I got the offer and that there were three subsequent steps in the onboarding process.
May 17. 2018 was the day that really made me hope and feel that this particular company operating within one of the most advanced airports in this city, that happens to be near me, was going to help me out.
But I was wrong.
So, after getting the offer, I then had to go to the security building across the airport to get my safety class and certificate. I was anxious and had my period. You all know I dislike to go anywhere while menstruating, at least during the first three days. But, despite my anxiety, phobia, and my menstruation, I still got up, got ready, and showed up. I took the exam and did well and got my certificate. However, they should have given me an agenda as to how long that step was going to take. As I get older, when I am stuck in an unfamiliar place, with too many variables to consider, already at a disadvantage due to my physical and mental health concerns, it just makes for a disaster. But the Taurean in me still had to do well. I had too many like my sister wanting me to fail and who spoke curses on my life. Just an FYI, the safety class was Monday, May 23rd.
So the HR recruiters all told me if there were any concerns and when you completed a step in the onboarding process, to email them.
So the next step came up on Tuesday, May 24th. This step pertained to filling out the application for Port Authority, who are in charge of the overall operation of this transit hub. However, this step was really short and quick. I set aside my entire day again. I felt that I could have gone to Jamaica after and pled my case for getting food assistance and other possible social services I may need. Anyways, the recruiter that was there was much nicer and she was patient and explained everything. I was comfortable and still felt comfortable in my choice. I did notice how my physical health was not doing so well but I did not have the money for the co-pay to see a doctor for an upcoming health concern that I will explain later.
Red flag number one. It came up on Friday, May 27th. First off, this was Memorial Day weekend and I was gearing up to finally get more shifts at my amusement park job. I wanted to see about going on another day because, if you are such a large company, you would have to have a second date prepared. Especially if there are any possible emergencies. Because you are an international company that works in airports that always have to prepare emergencies. Anyways, at this point, I was not at all well at this point. My kidneys hurt at times, and I felt dehydrated. But, being a Taurus, I had to keep going.
Basically at this orientation, the women from HR not only came significantly late, but they did not give an agenda to explain how orientation was going to be like, and they were yelling and flustered. We were a large group and those who came in late should have been turned around and declined their application. It was stressed in the email that you come in on time, and if you were late or absent (without giving a 24+hour warning about such an absence) “your eligibility to work at JFK Airport would be SUSPENDED!”
I should have walked out of the room when that HR person (whose name escapes me) HIT ME. SHE HIT MY HAND THAT WAS RUSHING TO SIGN THE PAPERWORK GIVEN. BECAUSE I WAS ON THE WRONG PAGE.
Breathe Em. I did not walk out, and I instead stayed because I wanted the job so bad. It was going to be 1.10 more an hour and with union and medical benefits. I had to walk out and use the restroom in order to calm down.
But it only got worse. We had to move to another room and then had to wait for the executive HR professional to come in and conduct quizzes on Sexual Misconduct/Title IX mattes, and about more safety precautions. She came in the room petit as ever but with the nastiest Napoleon Complex. She reminded me of all the white Jewish and Italian female teachers who would come into a classroom full of beautiful and smart PoC children and essentially yell and be stern for no fucking reason. I hated her misuse of the Bitch energy. It was not necessary. Everyone was calm.
Plus, I did not have my temp badge and my fingerprinting done. And they said I had to get that done before the orientation. They fucked up the order. Because I was given my schedule at orientation and I was to start the following week on Wednesday, June 1.
I get my fingerprinting and my temp badge did on the first day I was supposed to work. That’s essentially fucking with my money. That is a pet peeve of mine. Plus, I was finally able to go to urgent care by Tuesday, May 31st and they said I had a really bad infection that I had to take strong antibiotics for. I had to delay taking them Wednesday because I did not know how they would react with my body and I had to be out all day. The managers were hard to reach and the manager that finally was able to escort me was very harried and dared to say I yelled at him when in actuality I sternly told him why making me wait was not fair.
I am the type of person to not want to show up unprepared for work. I want to see where I am working, who I would be working with, what the uniform is, and know what I have to do as a cashier.
But the final nail in the coffin was when I started my first day on Thursday, June 2nd. My co-workers were not helpful so I had to jump in and do what I knew to do in terms of engaging the customers and filling orders. However, I noticed that I was extremely nauseated and at times I almost felt like throwing up. It was hot in the station and I was sweating profusely and taking antibiotics….. I smelled horrific. Plus I was working around Asian food that is pungent and with ingredients, am very much allergic to (seafood and fish). I expected to be on the register primarily and I was not. Plus, my manager was on a business trip training for the next station that had what I really wanted to work with-coffee and tea and pastries. I want to be a fine beverage somm. I was furious and I was angry when I left the job that day. I had no locker room to stash my bag, and I reeked and had no clothes to change into. I hoped the second day was better. But it was not. The prep chef was a no call/no show and the executive chef had to come down from upstairs to help us prep and open when a replacement came in. I was furious. I wanted to just walk out of the place. I was like this is not how I should be treated. So I was slated to then work Saturday and have off Sunday and Monday. I called out because I needed to be able to take my antibiotics at regular intervals and to heal.
Oh, they thought I would be okay with having no life, having to wake up at 2:30a every day from Tuesday to Saturday. I noticed I had to go to sleep by 8p the latest in order to be somewhat awake at the time I needed to be up. I could not. I felt drunk having to get up at a time when I would be getting my REM sleep, crashing around my room to get ready and stumble to the bathroom. Falling asleep on the bus ride to work and travelling by myself in pitch black darkness when only trains are running. I am angry that workers in the airport go through this. This is abuse. Also, it is courtesy that you work three days straight and then get one or two days off in the restaurant industry. Plus, sales would not pick up until 11am. So we should have a staggered opening, opening at a time where everyone got more rest and are ready to work. Not only that, the manager finally came back Saturday and had the audacity to call me Tuesday (when I called out again because I still needed more time to finish my antibiotics that I finish tonight) and try to put words in my mouth. She tried to say that I chose this schedule. She violated my HIPAA rights when asking me why I called out. She wanted to say it was a good opportunity but failed to be there or at least have a supervisor right in my station (instead of having other managers who seem to work very little and are more hands on at their other stations in the terminal) to help train me. She also did not take seriously how I did not expect to work in this station and put my health at risk being around severe allergens.
I already emailed HR and I check often to see if they emailed me back and they have not. As of right now I am stuck at home while I patiently wait for a job I signed a contract for on Tuesday. That is the other reason why I called out. I had to go to that orientation (but thankfully it was at a time after I had to take my medicine and was short) I also had to get a doctors note to prove my absence and both were in the same vicinity. The job I signed up for is organized, will start out with training and the manager was delighted to know that I want to work with beverages and work my way up to the bar area. Everyone at that place was so nice plus I would not have to worry about nerve racking commutes that are hard on my body.
But everyone please pray for me. And if you travel, be extra kind to every airport worker you come into contact with. They go through too much and repeatedly have their rights violated and do not have the privileges I have (mother financially helping me at times, stable housing, etc). And to those looking for a job, try to not work in an airport.

Sanders Scores Victory For New York Nutrition With Passage of Farming Bill

Today, New York State took an important step forward in improving the health of all its residents by passing legislation introduced by State Senator James Sanders Jr. (D-Rochdale Village), by a vote of 60-0, which would help expand the availability, affordability and distribution of locally grown, farm fresh foods.

The bill (S3265A) known as the Local Food, Farms, and Jobs Act sets state procurement goals for the purchase of these home grown products, giving priority to area farms. It requires that 20 percent of all the food purchased by state agencies and state-owned facilities come from local farms in 2016, with that number set to increase to 50 percent by 2021.

“Daily consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables is paramount to good health and may reduce the risk of heart disease and protect against certain types of cancers,” Sanders said. “Some of the best produce is grown right here in New York, and this legislation makes it easier for that bounty to makes its way to everyone’s plate.”

The legislation also establishes into state law the NYS Council of Food Policy which develops and makes recommendations on state regulations, legislation and budget proposals in the area of food policy. This entity would facilitate the growth of local agriculture, including job creation, by educating the public on the importance of eating fresh foods and ensuring that a supply of those foods is readily available to all New York residents.

The council would also encourage agencies which are fully or partially funded by the state and spend more than $25,000 annually on food to purchase 25 percent of those products from local farms by 2018, increasing to 40 percent by 2023. To meet these objectives when awarding state contracts,  preference may be given to a local food grower provided that such bidder’s price is not more than 10 percent higher than the lowest bid.

In order to keep track of these new goals, the NYS Council of Food Policy would assist state agencies and state-owned facilities in developing a system for identifying the amount of local farm food products purchased, using 2017 as a baseline and then tracking and reporting the progress on an annual basis.

Having now passed the senate, Sanders’ legislation will move on to the Assembly where a companion bill (A7090A) has been introduced by Assembly Members Fred Thiele Jr. and Frank Skartados. Once it gets the green light there, it will be delivered to the Governor’s desk to be signed into law.

Marine Parkway Bridge Will Be Closed Early Morning Hours, June 20-29, 2016



All Traffic Will Be Detoured to Cross Bay Veterans Memorial Bridge
The Marine Parkway-Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge will be fully closed to traffic from 12:01 a.m. until 5:00 a.m. on:

Monday, June 20 Tuesday, June 21 Wednesday, June 22 Thursday, June 23   Friday, June 24 Monday, June 27 Tuesday, June 28 Wednesday, June 29

Electronic signs will be placed along the Belt Parkway and Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, and along Rockaway Point Blvd. and Beach Channel Drive in the Rockaways, notifying motorists to use the Cross Bay Veterans Memorial Bridge as a detour during the closure periods.

The closures are required to allow for maintenance and testing operations on the lift mechanism of the bridge.

Motorists can sign up for MTA e-mail or text alerts at and check the Bridges and Tunnels homepage or Facebook page for the latest information on this planned work.

City Hall Update

Here are few important updates from City Hall. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Also, feel free to forward this information to your networks. Our parks will have fewer borders…free Wi-Fi, and cheaper rec center memberships for veterans and those with disabilities…corrections officers are getting more training… City Hall is taking new actions against slumlordschild care centers will be posting report cards… murders and shootings continue to fall and NYCHA gets safer…the City’s making sure transgender New Yorkers know their gender-identity rights…the sting of Muhammad Ali endures…ThriveNYC is in full swing, and we are investing in minority- and women-owned businesses.

Updates from City Hall:

Parks Without BordersEight showcase parks have been selected for facelifts poised to better integrate parkland and neighborhoods by improving opening sight lines, beautifying edges, and adding furnishings to underutilized spaces using Parks Without Borders design principles. The parks are Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, Staten Island’s Faber Park, Prospect and Fort Greene Parks in Brooklyn, the Bronx’s Van Cortlandt and Hugh Grant Circle Parks, and Manhattan’s Jackie Robinson and Steward Parks.


Free Wi-Fi Extended, More Charging Stations Coming – Twenty-one parks across the City will continue to have free public Wi-Fi, and 15 parks and beaches will now have mobile charging stations – including, for the first time, David Dinkins Circle and Ederle Terrace in Queens Flushing Meadows Park, Brooklyn’s Sunset Park and the LeFrak Center in Prospect Park, and Joyce Kilmer Park in the Bronx. Since the program’s launch in 2011, there have been 8.6 million connections to the free network by NYC park visitors and beachgoers.


More Training for Corrections Officers – The Mayor and Department of Correction Commissioner Joseph Ponte have announced that nearly 2,000 new correction officers – 22% of the total force – have completed new training in de-escalation techniques proven to help dramatically reduce conflicts and increase safety in City jails.


Slumlords Targeted – The Mayor and Public Advocate Letitia James announced that the City will cut public assistance rent payments to eight landlords if repairs at 12 buildings that have generated more than 2,000 code violations aren’t immediately made. Eighteen hundred New Yorkers live in the buildings, the majority of which are located in Upper Manhattan and the Bronx.


Child Care Center Report Cards – Every one of 2,300 child care centers New York City will soon be forced to publicly post a Child Care Performance Summary Card near its entrance. The report cards will include information on the number of children allowed in care, the number of times the program has been suspended, and the number of health code violations at the facility compared to the citywide average.


Reduced Rec Center Fees – Veterans and those with disabilities will see a reduction in the membership cost at 36 Parks Department recreation centers across the city. The new rate will be $25 annually, down from as much as $150. Young adults, students and seniors also receive discounted or free memberships at the recreation centers.


Computer Science for All – Chancellor Carmen Farina announced that more than 200 schools will be adding computer science programming in the upcoming school year. This is the first expansion of the Mayor’s Computer Science for All commitment to bring computer science education to every elementary, middle, and high school by 2025.


ThriveNYC Progress – The Mental Health Council, established by ThriveNYC and led by First Lady Chirlane McCray and Deputy Mayor Richard Buery, has released a 150-day progress report on ThriveNYC’s effort to improve citywide access to mental health and substance misuse services. Since launching the $850 million roadmap, 29 hospitals have committed to screening all new mothers for maternal depression; more than 2,300 New Yorkers have been trained in mental health first aid, in addition to 2,500 NYPD officers who have received de-escalation training; a multimillion-dollar public awareness ad campaign has launched; 37 school-based mental health clinics have opened; 263 children in foster care have attended workshops on safe, healthy relationships; 1,700 mental health interventions have helped those living in runaway and homeless youth shelters; and more than 1,000 houses of faith participated in a first-ever “Weekend of Faith” centered on care for those struggling with mental health and substance misuse.


Murders, Shootings Both Down in 2016 – Defying a national trend among big cities, murders and shootings continue to fall in New York City in 2016 – with reductions of more than 14% and 22%, respectively, marking historic lows in the CompStat era. Amid a continued reduction of stop-and-frisk use, illegal gun seizures have climbed 20% in the first five months of this year compared to the same period last year.


Bathroom Access Ad Campaign – The Mayor has launched the first-ever city ad campaign targeting transgender New Yorkers’ right to use a bathroom consistent with their gender identity.  The ads will appear in subway cars, bus shelters, phone booths, NYC TV, ethnic and community newspapers, and on social media.

Statement by Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr.

Howard Beach, NY (June 7, 2016) Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. made the following statement today on the State Senate passage of legislation (S.7336) he supported that would prevent New York City and other municipalities from imposing fees on the use of plastic grocery bags:
“There is no question that we need to take positive action to end the proliferation of plastic bags that clog up our storm drains, litter our trees, and otherwise degrade our environment and landscape. However, I don’t think the recently-approved New York City law imposing a punitive fee upon our residents  who use plastic bags is the right solution. I have had many complaints from individuals, especially fixed-income seniors, in my district who object to the ‘bag tax.’
“Instead of simply punishing consumers, we should be looking at other credible ways to address the plastic bag issue. I don’t believe this disproportionate fee, which will reluctantly be paid by consumers, with the money collected going to the businesses and not for environmental purposes, will result in a significant decrease in the use of plastic bags. Actually, some major chain stores, like Target and Whole Foods, offer discounts to reward consumers who bring their own shopping bags and distribute reusable bags.
“I do believe a direct legislative ban on plastic bags should be passed. The New York City Styrofoam ban was overturned by the courts, but that doesn’t mean the ban wasn’t the right thing to do. We should also actively look to make it easier to recycle plastic bags so that fewer end up in our waste stream, or better educate consumers on how to reuse various types of shopping bags. I would gladly accept and properly dispose of plastic bags at my numerous recycling events in the district.
“Quite simply, there must be other avenues we can explore to encourage New Yorkers to adopt more environmentally-conscious behavior without basically imposing a surcharge on them. I encourage ongoing conversations among the State Legislature, City Council, the Mayor, the environmental community, businesses and other stakeholders to resolve the plastic bag issue in a way that we can all support.”

Rockaway Primetime In Talks To Start a Rockaway Book Club On The Beach.

Love to read?

Rockaway Primetime Reporting will be setting up a small Rockaway book club for those who love to read and write.

The goal is to bring together people from all over the peninsula.

The Rockaway book club will be called “Reading On Rockaway Beach”.

Reading On Rockaway Beach will take place on Beach 67th street boardwalk, and everyone who is interested in joining the club is encouraged to bring any book of their choice with them.

Rockaway Beach Reading is open to all ages across Rockaway. Reading On Rockaway Beach first meet will be Sunday, June 26th  11 am – 1pm weather permitting.

Anyone Interested please E-mail Managing Editor,

We can have flexible times.



NYC – Severe Thunderstorm Watch


Notification 6/5/16 at 3:20 PM.
The National Weather Service has issued a Severe Thunderstorm Watch for NYC until 10:00 PM on 6/5. Dangerous lightning, heavy rain, and strong winds are possible. A Severe Thunderstorm Watch means conditions are favorable for severe thunderstorms to occur in an close to the watch area. Persons within these areas should be on the lookout for threatening weather conditions and listen for later statements and possible warnings. Exercise caution when walking, driving, or biking. 
The safest place to be during a thunderstorm is indoors as dangerous lightning can occur. 
Do not use the telephone, electrical appliances, showers, sinks, or any object, machine, or device connected to the building’s electrical wiring or plumbing systems. If lightning strikes the building, the current will likely flow through the electrical wiring or water pipes and you could receive a fatal shock.
If you are caught outside during a thunderstorm:
– Stay away from tall, isolated trees or other tall objects
– Avoid open areas like fields or parking lots
– Stay away from water or wet items. 
– Get inside a car: an automobile can protect you from a lightning strike because the current will flow through the car’s metal frame. If you are in a car, do not touch any exposed metal connected to the car.
Winds at these speeds can cause flying debris, turn unsecured objects into projectiles, and cause power outages. To prepare, charge cell phone batteries, gather supplies, and turn refrigerators and freezers to a colder setting. Always stay clear of downed power lines.
If you are affected by an outage, turn off all appliances and keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed to prevent food spoilage. Do not use generators indoors. If you lose power and have a disability or access needs, or use Life Sustaining Equipment (LSE) an d need immediate assistance, please dial 9-1-1. 
For the latest weather information