Yankees trade Aroldis Chapman to Chicago Cubs.

The Yankees traded closer Aroldis Chapman to the Cubs in exchange for former Yankees pitcher Adam Warren and three minor league prospects, the Yankee’s front office announced Monday afternoon. The deal comes ahead of the Aug. 1 non-waiver trade deadline.

Speculation and questioning raised when Yankees signed their former closer. Chapman was charged with assault during this past off-season and the team was under fire for accepting Chapman on the team after the domestic violence report was released.

Chapman had 3 wins and 30 saves for the Pinstripes, followed by only just one blown save for the season out of 31 games pitched. Chapman’s ERA is 2.01 for the season as he moves on to Chicago.



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Weekly Update From Mayors Office.

Weekly Overview 


New Yorkers joined the nation in mourning the painful events in Louisiana, Minnesota and Dallas… the New York Times took a look at the Mayor’s message of reconciliation and push for deeper bonds between police and community… the Mayor and Police Commissioner announced a historic low crime rate for the first 6-months of the year… 50 new soccer fieldsare being built in underserved neighborhoods in all five boroughs… public schools, homeless shelters and correctional facilities will now provide free feminine hygiene products for those who need it… the administration kicked off its NYC Men Teach initiative to recruit more male teachers of color… the Buildings Department launched the “ Stay Safe, Stay Put”elevator safety campaign…DSNY is helping New Yorkers donate and reuse goods instead of discarding them…Homeless Services, CAMBA and the Rogosin Institute dedicated a new computer lab for homeless children and teens… DYCD joined up with hip –hop legend and Darryl Makes Comics publisher “DMC” to launch the Heroes Project…the Summer Youth Employment Program is in full-swing…and learn a bit more about Commissioner Salas, newly appointed to head up the Department of Consumer Affairs.


What we’re sharing:


Take a behind-the-scenes photo tour of the Mayor’s week. Check out all of our Pictures of the Week here: http://on.nyc.gov/2agKOJu


The Details


“Build Something Better” – That’s the Mayor’s message to New Yorkers in the wake of the shootings in Dallas, Baton Rouge and Falcon Heights and on the anniversary of the death of Eric Garner. Speaking in churches these last few weeks, the Mayor said, “This city has to do something not only for ourselves, but for our whole nation. This city has to become an example. We’ve come a long way. We are far, far from perfect, but we’ve come a long way. This is a city that, over decades, has found more common ground. This is a city where our clergy reach out almost instantaneously to each other across faiths in times of crisis, and form a common front – something we don’t see in enough of the world, and yet, here, thank God, it is a given today. So, now it’s our turn. In this city we aspire to a different and better relationship between police and community. We believe it can happen.” The First Lady, speaking at a televised CNN townhall, called for the nation to come together to find real solutions.


Historic low homicide and shooting rates – The first-half of 2016 saw the fewest shootings, the fewest robberies, the fewest burglaries, and the fewest auto-thefts of any first-half of a year in the CompStat era. Shootings are down 20 percent since last year, while gun arrests are up as the NYPD works to get more illegal guns off our streets. At the same time, arrests, summonses, and stops are down, meaning the NYPD is arresting a lot more of the right people for the right crimes, leading to the crime decline.


GOAL! – Mayor de Blasio and the Mayor’s Fund to Advance NYC, along with the U.S. Soccer Foundation, the New York City Football Club and adidas launched the New York City Soccer Initiative, a public-private partnership that will build and maintain 50 soccer fields in underserved neighborhoods across the five boroughs over the next five years. Fields will begin to open for play as early as next year. Over the next five years, the public-private partnership will invest $3 million in fields across the five boroughs, and in afterschool programming for 10,000 kids. The program will provide afterschool soccer and mentoring programs, such as soccer clinics, festivals and youth summits to promote safe, active and connected communities. The New York City Soccer Initiative will also include a partnership with the City’s Young Men’s Initiative, providing young men of color with mentorship opportunities.


New laws to increase access to feminine hygiene products – Public schools, correctional facilities and homeless shelters will now provide free tampons and pads to those who need it.  The laws recognize that feminine hygiene products are a necessity—not a luxury. In the words of the First Lady, “No young person should miss class or be embarrassed at school because she needs a tampon or pad.” ‎The legislation, sponsored by Speaker Mark-Viverito and Council Members Cumbo, Ferreras-Copeland and Levin, further solidifies NYC as a national leader in advocating for women and girls, regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression.


DHS, CAMBA, and the Rogosin Institute Help Homeless Children and Parents Bridge the Digital Divide Homeless children and teens have new additional tools at their fingertips thanks to a new computer lab at the Kensington Family Shelter in Southeast Brooklyn. The 21 iMac computers will give homeless children and teens the technological tools to complete homework assignments and access educational videos and information, as well as enable parents to create resumes, conduct online job searches, and search for permanent housing options.


DYCD Heroes Project – DYCD and “DMC” of RUN-DMC launched the Heroes Project, a  literacy-focused comic book initiative that challenges middle school students from 25 DYCD-funded afterschool programs in all five boroughs to develop stories about heroes – real or imagined – in their own communities.


Summer Jobs/Internships for Young People – Teens around the City are enjoying their first taste of employment with the kick-off of the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP). Thanks to budget investments from the de Blasio administration and the City Council, 60,000 youth ages 14-24 are able to take part in the youth employment and work readiness program this summer.


Stay Safe, Stay Put – The Buildings Department is reminding New Yorkers that if you’re stuck in an elevator, the safest place to be is inside the car. Just ring, relax, and wait for help to arrive. Elevators are among the safest forms of transportation, but New Yorkers have been seriously injured trying to escape stalled elevator cars. Remember, if you’re stuck in an elevator: Stay Safe, Stay Put.


DonateNYC – Reusing materials reduces waste, saves money, conserves energy and resources, and helps provide needed services and jobs for New Yorkers. donateNYC provides residents with a website and mobile app to help them find the most convenient place nearby to give or find reusable goods. For local nonprofit organizations in need of donated goods, or businesses looking to donate, donateNYC offers an online materials exchange where they can connect, donate and receive reusable goods. As the City continues towards its goal of sending zero waste to landfills by 2030, donateNYC partners will help the City reach its goal by providing verifiable data needed to assess progress.


Letters To Primetime: Open Letter To Queens District Attorney.

By Lisa Pina


I have lost hope in any recognition for surviving domestic violence. I believe it will cost me my life. I am a woman with two children. I am participating in the NYS Address Confidentiality Program and have a criminal order of protection. I relocated after an ordeal I am still trying to process – where I was made homeless by court order and have now lost all of my possessions. I have cycled through 4 court venues and made 100+ appearances in court. I am never considered or treated in any way that makes sense. I have experienced so many instances of injustice that I have no faith in the system. I recently got a death threat. I reported it to the police. They took a complaint and made no arrest. I am waiting to be killed or worse – that I will be forced to watch my children die before me. I have no reason to believe anyone will hear me or make any effort to help me. I have suffered many things in 2 1/2 years. I have now been told my days are numbered. I am not amused. I am about to be made homeless again. No agencies, no courts and no orders matter to me because they simply do not uphold any orders or offer any assistance. I am fearful. I never get answers. I don’t expect an answer anymore. I am making a statement. I have made every effort and filed every complaint I could. Absolutely no effort has been made to protect me and my children. Our losses have been severe and unjustifiable.

I was advised tonight of a police report number for aggravated harassment #02130 is enough to go find myself a criminal order of protection. I know that is not procedurally correct. I know an arrest will not be made. I know I am being targeted.

I have been through a lot. I have survived a lot more than I could ever imagine. I hope I will not be a statistic. I hope someone understands there has been a brave woman who has two children, who has tried to maintain hope against all the odds. I am not seeking anything here. I am just aware the corruption is that deep. It is a disgrace to me and all humanity should be afraid of being marginalized.

I am not a willing victim. I have done all I can do. Every politician is aware of my family. They have not taken any action. I am very disappointed in the system. I am going to try to move on and escape because it is impossible to live in peace.

I want you to know so many people are suffering the injustices of the NYS Family Court and they are losing their homes, their children, their lives, their careers, and their savings and being jailed. It is causing many to seek justice where it is not available. It is causing division and conflicts in families. It is hurting children. It is profitable for the city and state. It is remarkable to witness such things. I am disturbed on many levels. I hurt for the hearts of people, for the immigrants, for mothers, for fathers, for families. I see the state of the world and the political climate. The only thing that is real is we are all living in fear being pitted against one another to hate one another. I don’t agree with the ways of the world. I love my family. I need nothing but this to be known. I survived but this week I was informed my days are numbered. That is wrong. I do have dignity even if I have no rights.


New Youth Baseball and Softball Academy at Roberto Clemente State Park Expected to Triple Youth Participation in Bronx Park’s Programs

Partnership Between Major League Baseball, Major League Baseball Players Association, Harlem Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities and New York State Parks


Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced a partnership between New York State, Major League Baseball, the Major League Baseball Players Association and Harlem Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities will create a youth baseball and softball academy at Roberto Clemente State Park in the Bronx. The academy will immediately serve at least 1,500 youth at Roberto Clemente State Park, tripling the number currently participating in the park’s baseball programs. The renovated baseball and softball facility will be funded by $6.5 million in state funding, $4 million from Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association, and $750,000 from New York Yankees designated hitter Alex Rodriguez, and will be renamed the MLB Youth Academy at Roberto Clemente State Park.

“We must invest in the next generation of New Yorkers and give them every opportunity to grow and succeed,” Governor Cuomo said. “Ensuring our communities have safe areas for outdoor activities is fundamental to a child’s upbringing and this great partnership will provide the children of the Bronx an exceptional new facility and the opportunity to develop essential skills they will draw on throughout their lives.”

Commissioner of Baseball Robert D. Manfred, Jr. said, “Major League Baseball, the players and clubs have prioritized giving young people, particularly those in underserved communities, the opportunity to play baseball and softball. We are proud to be a part of this public-private project to develop the MLB Youth Academy at Roberto Clemente State Park in the Bronx which we believe will establish the next generation of New York’s baseball legacy.”

Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees 14 time All-Star and 4th on the all-time Home Run list, said, “It’s an honor to partner with MLB, Governor Cuomo, MLBPA, the State Parks department and Harlem RBI on a project that will bring a top notch baseball field and programming to kids in the Bronx. These kids already have a special connection to baseball since Yankee Stadium is right in their backyard. I hope this park will give them a chance to experience the game and dream big from the field as well as in the stands.”

The MLB Youth Academy at Roberto Clemente State Park

With support from this partnership, State Parks will build a multi-purpose field to the north of the existing baseball field, where Harlem Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities will offer both baseball and softball programming. The Roberto Clemente State Park site will dramatically increase the number of youth Harlem Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities serves. Although open to all New York City youth, the MLB Youth Academy at Roberto Clemente State Park will serve as a central location for Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities programs in the Bronx and Upper Manhattan. The facility will be administered and operated by Harlem Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities, which will supply all umpiring fees, basic baseball equipment and provide transportation options for teams to get to and from the state park. Official baseball programming will begin in spring 2017 with softball starting on the new multi-purpose field upon its completion in spring 2018. Harlem Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities expects to immediately serve at least 1,500 youth at Roberto Clemente State Park, tripling the number of youth currently participating in the park’s baseball programs.

Partnership Between New York State, Major League Baseball, Major League Baseball Players Association and Harlem Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities

Building on more than $50 million in previous improvements at Roberto Clemente State Park through the Governor’s NY Parks 2020 Initiative, the Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery will provide Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery assistance of up to $5 million to finish the fields, including a install a new tee-ball field south of the existing ball field, construct plaza space adjacent to the existing field, and make other general improvements throughout the new ballfield complex. State Parks is also contributing $1.5 million for field improvements and general park upgrades needed for the academy.

Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association are making their contributions to the project via the MLB-MLBPA Youth Development Foundation, which is a joint fund to help grow the game at the youth and amateur levels. The organizations will devote more than $4 million to build new sports facilities and sponsor new Harlem Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities programs to serve New York City youth in the park.

As a participant in youth development programs since a young age, New York Yankees designated hitter Alex Rodriguez has been a long-time supporter of organizations that use sports as a catalyst to develop the skills students need to succeed in the classroom, their communities and their future careers. His work with Harlem RBI is a continuation of these efforts, and in recognition of his $750,000 contribution to the program, the new field at Roberto Clemente State Park will be named “Alex Rodriguez Field.”

In addition to providing programs for kids starting as early as age 5, Harlem Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities will expand its capacity to provide a highly competitive baseball and softball program for elite players and teams. Along with high-level instruction and competitive play, Harlem Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities will also explore the option of hosting occasional baseball and softball tournaments and/or scouting combines for youth in and around New York City.

Major League Baseball Players Association Executive Director Tony Clark said, “The Major League Baseball Players Association is honored to be joining with our longest-tenured member, Alex Rodriguez, Major League Baseball, the State of New York and Harlem RBI, to fund the creation of the MLB Youth Academy at Roberto Clemente State Park in the Bronx. For as long as the game has been played, baseball and New York have had a special relationship, and the creation of the Youth Academy in the Bronx will only serve to strengthen this bond. Combining the Youth Academy model with the great work of Harlem RBI will help provide New York City youth with additional opportunities to develop their athletic and life skills in a fun and safe environment.”

Rich Berlin, Executive Director of Harlem Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities said, “The opportunity to expand our programming to more children in our City is an honor and a privilege, particularly at a park whose namesake – Roberto Clemente – is emblematic of the characteristics we try to instill in our kids – hard work, dedication, perseverance, leadership and community service. We are grateful to Governor Cuomo, Commissioner Manfred, Tony Clark and Alex Rodriguez for their willingness to consider non-traditional partnerships that afford more of our City’s youth access to programming and services that we know will have a positive impact on the trajectory of their lives.”

Rose Harvey, Commissioner of the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, said, “This public-private partnership will significantly enhance baseball programming at the park named for baseball legend Roberto Clemente, and most importantly, provide a wide range of recreation and education programs that will help build mind and muscle for young people in the community.”

Lisa Bova-Hiatt, Executive Director of Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery, said, “Supplementing our initial investment to promote resiliency in Roberto Clemente State Park, this undertaking demonstrates the State’s commitment to revitalizing and strengthening community assets that were damaged during recent storms. GOSR is thrilled to be part of this collaborative project, which leverages public and private resources to create a one-of-a-kind program that will make an extraordinary difference in the lives of so many New Yorkers. Together, we can achieve the ultimate goal of ensuring that the park is accessible and engaging to residents of the Bronx, while making it better able to withstand the impacts of future weather events.”
Improvements to Roberto Clemente State Park

Improvements to Roberto Clemente State Park

The baseball and softball academy builds on a greater than $50 million transformation of Roberto Clemente State Park – including several projects that will help support the baseball and softball programs in the park – launched as part of Governor Cuomo’s commitment to revitalizing the state park system and expanding access to outdoor recreation. Work has begun on a $28 million two-year project to rebuild the park’s bulkhead along the Harlem River with a more storm resilient design and while greening and enhancing the adjacent esplanade area as a more inviting park setting, including a new intertidal area. Construction is underway on a $7 million project to rehabilitate the upper plaza area where most of the park’s 1.3 million visitors enter the park. The project will replace the structural steel supports and decking for the plaza, rebuild the crumbling staircase to the lower plaza area, open up views to the park, improve landscaping and relocate the life-size bronze statue of Roberto Clemente to a more prominent place at the park’s gateway. The bulkhead/esplanade and upper plaza projects are expected to be completed in 2017, after which a $7 million project to revitalize the park’s northern shoreline area and lower plaza area will begin. Located adjacent to the new inter-tidal area, the lower plaza will feature a rebuilt picnic area complex, performance area, game space, seating areas, improved landscaping and interpretive experience.

The 25-acre waterfront Roberto Clemente State Park offers a variety of recreational and cultural activities year-round. The facilities include a multi-purpose recreation building, an Olympic-size pool complex, ball fields, basketball courts, picnic areas, playgrounds and a waterfront promenade. The park opened in 1973 and is named for the humanitarian and first Latino-American inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, who died in a plane crash while delivering aid to earthquake victims in Nicaragua.

Beyond 2018, Harlem Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities will explore the feasibility of capital improvements for the south field playing area, expansion of the multi-purpose field, and the park’s maintenance building area to allow for recreational play and instruction for children ages 5-12. If feasible, the park’s maintenance facility may be renovated to add a year-round center of baseball/softball training and coaching instruction.

NY Parks 2020

The park improvements reflect Governor Cuomo’s commitment to revitalizing the state park system and expanding access to outdoor recreation. The Governor’s NY Parks 2020 program is a multi-year commitment to leverage $900 million in private and public funding for State Parks from 2011 to 2020. The Governor’s 2016-17 Executive Budget allocates $90 million toward this initiative. In addition, this year the Governor announced the Connect Kids to Parksprogram, which provides free day-use park entry to fourth-grade students and their families, and creates a new transportation grant program to help students from underserved schools visit state parks and historic sites.

Harlem Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities

Harlem Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities provides inner-city youth with opportunities to play, learn and grow. Harlem Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities uses the power of teams to coach, teach and inspire youth to recognize their potential and realize their dreams. Harlem Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities is a unique, year-round youth development program based in East Harlem, New York. Since its founding in 1991, Harlem Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities has grown to serve more than 1,700 boys and girls annually in both East Harlem and the South Bronx, ages 5-22, providing them with year-round sports, educational and enrichment activities.

MLB Youth Academy

This project is the tenth announced MLB Youth Academy, joining other facilities in development in Dallas, Kansas City and San Francisco. The first MLB Youth Academy opened in Compton, California in 2006. The network has since grown to include operational facilities in Cincinnati, Houston, New Orleans, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. MLB Youth Academies are designed to provide baseball and softball instruction at little to no cost to participants, while also encouraging academic success and mentorship.

Ulrich Denounces Mayor de Blasio’s Handling of Build it Back Program, Calls for Termination or Resignation of Program Director Amy Peterson

Rockaway Park, NY – Councilman Eric Ulrich today denounced Mayor Bill de Blasio’s poor handling of the Build it Back Program and called for the resignation or termination of Amy Peterson, the program’s director since 2014.
Standing with Ellen Nichtern, a Rockaway Park constituent, in front of home on Beach 117th Street, Councilman Ulrich blasted the Build it Back Program and the de Blasio Administration for not delivering on their promise to help people get back into their homes after Super Storm Sandy.
“It’s sad and unfortunate that nearly four years after the storm the Mayor refuses to take responsibility for the failure of Build it Back. There is a total lack of accountability and compassion,” Councilman Ulrich explained.  “Amy Peterson should resign today and allow new leadership to run the program more effectively.  If she won’t resign, Mayor de Blasio should fire her.”
Ms. Nichtern and her mother have been out of their home for the past five months, during which time Build it Back has not done any work on their home, nor has Build it Back remained in contact with Ms. Nichtern to even let her know the status of the project.  Councilman Ulrich called Build it Back’s treatment of Ms. Nichtern and the many people in the same situation “entirely unacceptable.”
“Like so many of my constituents affected by Super Storm Sandy, Ellen Nichtern has been let down by the bureaucrats at Build it Back.  This program is a complete disaster.  Everyone knows it,” Councilman Ulrich concluded.

Borough President Melinda Katz Endorses Stacey Pheffer Amato for Assembly

Queens Borough President Melinda Katz today added her name to the growing list of supporters backing Stacey Pheffer Amato for State Assembly.  Stacey is running in the soon-to-be-vacant 23rd Assembly District being vacated by Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder.


“I have known Stacey for many years.  She gets Queens and she understands that the Rockaways need strong leaders fighting for us in Albany,” said Katz.  “Stacey’s track record of delivering for this community and standing up for parents, seniors and all families is simply unparalleled.


“More than anything, Stacey cares about her community,” Katz continued.  “She’s been in the trenches helping Rockaway recover from Superstorm Sandy; she’s a terrific school leader as President of Scholars’ Academy Parent Association; and she’s been active with the Rockaway Beach Civic Association for years.  Stacey learned the importance of public service from her mother Audrey, and she’s exactly the kind of compassionate, tough leader who gets things done.”


“I want to thank Borough President Katz for her endorsement and for all that she’s done for our Borough,” said Pheffer Amato.  “As a homeowner and taxpayer, a mother and a small business owner I am running to build on the great tradition of service set by BP Katz, Assemblymember Goldfeder, and of course my mother Audrey Pheffer.”


Stacey Pheffer Amato is a lifelong resident of the Rockaways and a strong believer in public service.  She currently serves as President of the Scholars’ Academy Parent Association, a Committee Member of the Rockaway West NY Rising Community Reconstruction Program, and as Democratic District Leader for the 23rd Assembly District.  She and her husband live with their two kids in Rockaway Beach.\



Primetime Interviews: V.I.A President Barbara McLean.


This happens to be Rockaway Primetime Reporting’s 100th story published on this site. Once again, want to thank all our viewers and readers.

By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

Primetime Interviews recently met with Barbara McLean, President and Creator of VIA Community Services.

VIA Community Services is a Nonprofit organization that treats all victims of domestic abuse and violence. McLean and others provide support when dealing with all cases of abuse and/or any violence that becomes or can become harmful.

Barbra McLean has a Masters Degree in Social Policy and is a certified Trauma Advocate in New York State.

McLean’s man goal is to provide 1 on 1 help and advocate for all victims of violence across the Rockaway peninsula. McLean is an resident of Rockaway’s Arverne neighborhood, and is looking to fill in the void across Rockaway with the help of VIA, to address the lack of trauma and domestic abuse clinics in Rockaway.

For more information you may listen to our interview with Ms.McLean below.


Barbra McLean President of VIA Community Services.

Links below to check out.



Primetime Update: What to look out for.

By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

Your Managing Editor, has had a wild past two weeks. Traveling to make himself a better reporter and person is always his top priority.

I am deeply sorry for leaving all my info and stories I had for you on hold. No excuses because those who know Jeffrey, I make none. Let me slide on this one. I had a concussion from playing soccer with my lovely youth. That put me down for 4 days. My glasses broke and it made things very difficult. I will stop here, you’ll be reading all day.

Here’s a line up to look out for as the week blows by.

Primetime Interviews: I will be sitting down with a local that has a nonprofit that deals with violence and domestic abuse. Stay tuned for that! (Hint)

Smoothie Haven: Local business owner Manny Loncke has something fresh and tasty for everyone!

Youth across the city looking to make a new Hip-Hop, not just in Rockaway, but  nationally . This will be great for your eyes and ears! Stay tuned.

HEADS UP! Primetime will be offseason in August and will return in September. Dates will be announced soon.

Rockaway Beach, Queens – Following a meeting with concerned community members, Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder (D – Rockaway Beach) is calling on the Economic Development Corporation and SKANSKA, the contractor that built the new baordwalk, to clean up debris left behind from boardwalk construction, and develop a plan to mitigate these hazards for the final stage of building.



The Marine Parkway-Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge will be fully closed to traffic from 11:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. on:

Sunday, July 17
Monday, July 18
Tuesday, July 19
Wednesday, July 20  
Thursday, July 21 (reopening Friday, July 22 at 5:00 a.m.)

Electronic signs will be placed along the Belt Parkway and Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, and along Rockaway Point Blvd. and Beach Channel Drive in the Rockaways, notifying motorists to use the Cross Bay Veterans Memorial Bridge as a detour during the closure periods.

The closures are required to allow for maintenance and testing operations on the lift mechanism of the bridge.

Motorists can sign up for MTA e-mail or text alerts at www.mta.info and check the Bridges and Tunnels homepage or Facebook page for the latest information on this planned work.

Assemblyman Goldfeder Urges Clean Up After Boardwalk Construction

Goldfeder urges Economic Development Corporation and SKANSKA to remove plastic and rusted nails left behind from boardwalk construction

Rockaway Beach, Queens – Following a meeting with concerned community members, Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder (D – Rockaway Beach) is calling on the Economic Development Corporation and SKANSKA, the contractor that built the new baordwalk, to clean up debris left behind from boardwalk construction, and develop a plan to mitigate these hazards for the final stage of building.

 “This debris is not only unsightly, it is a health and safety hazard,” said Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder. “These scraps will burrow into the sand, creating a potential environmental hazard for years to come. I urge EDC and SKANSKA to clean up all the leftover debris as soon as possible, and create a plan so that this does not happen in the final phase of construction.”

In a letter to President Maria Torres-Springer of the Economic Development Coproration, Goldfeder requested that EDC increase the number of crews they were sending out to clean the beach, and ensure that the sand is property sifted, to remove all smaller pieces of debris. Goldfeder also suggested that EDC and SKANSKA develop a plan, so that a similar problem does not occur following the final phase of boardwalk construction.

 According to residents of Rockaway Beach, there are shavings of Recycled Plastic Lumber, or RPL, which was used on ramps, buried in the sand where the boardwalk construction took place. Community members also reported finding pieces of rusted wire, scraps of wood, and metal from chain link fences in and around the beach. All this inorganic material, particularly the rusted wire, poses environmental and safety concerns to families who use the beach.

“The improper disposal of debris is a hazard,” said John Cori, president of the Rockaway Beach Civic Association. “There was a lot of money allocated to this job, and some of that should be used to effectively clean up all the plastic, rusted nails, and construction materials that have been left behind on the beach. We feel hopeful after our meeting with EDC, and I think I speak for the community when I say that we are looking forward to getting this debris cleaned up.”

 Construction is set to begin on the boardwalk between Beach 19th Street and Beach 39th Street. This final stage of the project will begin in Fall 2016, and continue through the winter. In anticipation of this last phase of construction, Goldfeder is urging EDC and SKANSKA to develop a plan to prevent further debris on the beach, and ensure an easy clean-up process.

“Our new Boardwalk is bigger, stronger and better than ever and has finally given families our beach back, however, agencies and contractors must make sure that the beach is safe and clean for the community, and environmentally sound for years to come,” concluded Goldfeder.