Primetime Update: What to look out for.

By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

Your Managing Editor, has had a wild past two weeks. Traveling to make himself a better reporter and person is always his top priority.

I am deeply sorry for leaving all my info and stories I had for you on hold. No excuses because those who know Jeffrey, I make none. Let me slide on this one. I had a concussion from playing soccer with my lovely youth. That put me down for 4 days. My glasses broke and it made things very difficult. I will stop here, you’ll be reading all day.

Here’s a line up to look out for as the week blows by.

Primetime Interviews: I will be sitting down with a local that has a nonprofit that deals with violence and domestic abuse. Stay tuned for that! (Hint)

Smoothie Haven: Local business owner Manny Loncke has something fresh and tasty for everyone!

Youth across the city looking to make a new Hip-Hop, not just in Rockaway, but  nationally . This will be great for your eyes and ears! Stay tuned.

HEADS UP! Primetime will be offseason in August and will return in September. Dates will be announced soon.

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