Primetime Interviews: V.I.A President Barbara McLean.


This happens to be Rockaway Primetime Reporting’s 100th story published on this site. Once again, want to thank all our viewers and readers.

By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

Primetime Interviews recently met with Barbara McLean, President and Creator of VIA Community Services.

VIA Community Services is a Nonprofit organization that treats all victims of domestic abuse and violence. McLean and others provide support when dealing with all cases of abuse and/or any violence that becomes or can become harmful.

Barbra McLean has a Masters Degree in Social Policy and is a certified Trauma Advocate in New York State.

McLean’s man goal is to provide 1 on 1 help and advocate for all victims of violence across the Rockaway peninsula. McLean is an resident of Rockaway’s Arverne neighborhood, and is looking to fill in the void across Rockaway with the help of VIA, to address the lack of trauma and domestic abuse clinics in Rockaway.

For more information you may listen to our interview with Ms.McLean below.


Barbra McLean President of VIA Community Services.

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