Letters To Primetime: Open Letter To Queens District Attorney.

By Lisa Pina


I have lost hope in any recognition for surviving domestic violence. I believe it will cost me my life. I am a woman with two children. I am participating in the NYS Address Confidentiality Program and have a criminal order of protection. I relocated after an ordeal I am still trying to process – where I was made homeless by court order and have now lost all of my possessions. I have cycled through 4 court venues and made 100+ appearances in court. I am never considered or treated in any way that makes sense. I have experienced so many instances of injustice that I have no faith in the system. I recently got a death threat. I reported it to the police. They took a complaint and made no arrest. I am waiting to be killed or worse – that I will be forced to watch my children die before me. I have no reason to believe anyone will hear me or make any effort to help me. I have suffered many things in 2 1/2 years. I have now been told my days are numbered. I am not amused. I am about to be made homeless again. No agencies, no courts and no orders matter to me because they simply do not uphold any orders or offer any assistance. I am fearful. I never get answers. I don’t expect an answer anymore. I am making a statement. I have made every effort and filed every complaint I could. Absolutely no effort has been made to protect me and my children. Our losses have been severe and unjustifiable.

I was advised tonight of a police report number for aggravated harassment #02130 is enough to go find myself a criminal order of protection. I know that is not procedurally correct. I know an arrest will not be made. I know I am being targeted.

I have been through a lot. I have survived a lot more than I could ever imagine. I hope I will not be a statistic. I hope someone understands there has been a brave woman who has two children, who has tried to maintain hope against all the odds. I am not seeking anything here. I am just aware the corruption is that deep. It is a disgrace to me and all humanity should be afraid of being marginalized.

I am not a willing victim. I have done all I can do. Every politician is aware of my family. They have not taken any action. I am very disappointed in the system. I am going to try to move on and escape because it is impossible to live in peace.

I want you to know so many people are suffering the injustices of the NYS Family Court and they are losing their homes, their children, their lives, their careers, and their savings and being jailed. It is causing many to seek justice where it is not available. It is causing division and conflicts in families. It is hurting children. It is profitable for the city and state. It is remarkable to witness such things. I am disturbed on many levels. I hurt for the hearts of people, for the immigrants, for mothers, for fathers, for families. I see the state of the world and the political climate. The only thing that is real is we are all living in fear being pitted against one another to hate one another. I don’t agree with the ways of the world. I love my family. I need nothing but this to be known. I survived but this week I was informed my days are numbered. That is wrong. I do have dignity even if I have no rights.

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