NYPD’S Next Commissioner From Rockaway?

Commentary By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

After this week’s shocking report from several news platforms, that former Commissioner of the NYPD Bill Bratton, has announced his resignation from the department.

In recent news, others wonder, who will replace Bratton?

I don’t have the answer of course, I don’t even specialize in this kind of reporting. But, I have an idea on who what be a choice to consider. The person happens to be a Rockaway resident for over 30-40 years and served as a Police Officer and Lieutenant of the 100th Precinct.

That person as already given away, that’s right! Robby Schwach.

Without too much explaining I will invite you to watch this interview of Schwach and see for yourself. Not only do he qualify, but he understands what the NYPD needs as far as community policy, police relations, and solving crime in low-income and minority neighborhoods.

Keep in mind Robby Schwach is an Aid for City Councliman Eric Ulrich. Who is also running for a Mayoral bid against De Blasio. Who knows? Could Ulrich’s choice for Commissioner be Commissioner Schwach? You be the judge by watching the interview below.

The interview was conducted by journalist and former Wave Editor Gary Toms also known as “G-Man”. Robby was invited on G-Man’s show called “The G-Man Interviews”, to talk about bridging the gap between Police and the Pubic.

Video Credit- Gary Toms, G-Man Interviews.

Sources- https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kf4RTVvBTGQ






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