By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

Rockaway Primetime Reporting recently spoke with Community Board 12 Chair and Senate District 10 candidate Adrienne Adams about her campaign and efforts to address key issues on the Rockaway peninsula.

During a telephone interview, Adams was asked a series of questions and offered the following responses. 

RPR: What has campaigning in Rockaway been like and what did you discover about the area?

Adams: “I am no stranger to the Rockaways. I have family here and spent time in the community throughout the course of my life. I love spending my time in Rockaway and always enjoyed coming to Rockaway. While campaigning here, I’ve met several people who want to see change.”

RPR: When you spoke to Rockaway residents, what key issue were they most concerned about?

Adams: “Transportation. Rockaway has been disconnected for far too long, thanks to the lack of funding. We have a career politician in office that has not done a good job securing the necessary funds to improve transportation.”

RPR: What are some of the other issues that you plan to address? 

Adams: “Economic development is on the agenda. No one should be left out of the landscape. There has been a lack of resources and money from the state.”

RPR: In Arverne and Edgemere, there has been a prolonged lack of development. What do you plan to do to help underprivileged neighborhoods?

Adams: “First, we must get that money again, and start the development.”

RPR: Do you like your chances of winning on September 13?

Adams: “Support has been good, I have support from my challenger’s hometown and district, and the people have treated me very well. They are looking for change.”

RPR: What’s the main thing you’d like the people of Rockaway to know about you?

Adams: “I would like the people to know, as Community Board Chair for a long time, I’ve proven to be a hard-worker. I stay true to my word, and I want the residents of Rockaway to know that I will have an open door for them. The people will have someone to fight for them”.

A list of the candidate’s endorsements is available at


Reminder, the Democratic Primary will be held Tuesday, September 13th. Polls open at 6am and close at 9pm.

For more information on where and how to vote, visit the link below.

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