Introducing Rockaway Primetime’s New Cover Photo By Timmy Burke!

By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet



I have recently contacted Mr Timmy Burke about his photo posted in one of Rockaway’s largest Facebook groups. Knowing the name of my site “Primetime”, I just knew I had to have this photo featured as this site’s cover photo.

When asked, What made you capture this photo and how?

“I took this on my way home from bungalow bar at dusk. I wanted to catch the last remaining light of the day in a photo and I loved how the Boardwalk looked at that moment.”

Burke also stated, ” My friends had offered to drive me home after dinner; but I take every opportunity to walk along the boardwalk since I (all of us) had been without it for such a long time after Sandy hit.”

He also added the following concerning the nature of the Boardwalk.

“The new Boardwalk isn’t perfect: there are less direct access points to the Boardwalk and beach.  There are less benches and the benches that have been installed are clumped together with long stretches between each clustering. The bike path should probably have been placed in the middle rather than the street side.  The list can go on but despite its imperfections it is a beautiful thing and it’s ours now.  A thing that the entire peninsula gets to enjoy.”

Burke concluded, “More people are definitely using it than ever before. From Far Rockaway to the Beginning of Belle Harbor, it is one of the most pleasant  walks or rides one can do in Rockaway and in the city in general.”

“This photo at dusk only captures a third of its true beauty.”

I am so pleased and honored that Mr Burke has granted me permission to use this photo as the sites cover photo.

I also would like to announce that Rockaway Primetime Reporting will be changing the sites look. We will be moving away from WordPress in 2017 and moving to a private host.

Take a sneak peek of what Primetime’s makeover will look like! Also, Timmy Burke Photo will be a large part of that makeover.


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