Primetime Sports: Derrick Rose Found Not Guilty In Civil Rape Case

By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

A Los Angeles Jury cleared all charges of alleged gang rape and sexual assault against New York Knicks Point Guard Derrick Rose.

The civil law suit was filed by a 30-year-old female whose name is unknown at this time, claiming Rose and his friends Randall Hampton and Ryan Allen broke into the female’s apartment and raping her while she was drunk on Aug. 27, 2013.

Both Rose and his two friends said it was consensual.

Rose’s lawyer Mark Baute stated in his final testimony that the victim is a “liar” who was only suing for the money. “These guys are so far from trespassers and rapists, it’s almost comical.” He concluded.

The female’s lawyer, Waukeen McCoy, described the situation as “a classic gang rape,” calling Rose and his friends, “sexual deviants.”

It is clear that Rose is innocent of the charges, but now we have to see what the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Rose’s endorsements feel about the result of the trial.

Rose, according to the New York Knicks, is allowed to start the franchise’s first game of season against the Cleveland Cavaliers on October 25.

According to ESPN, Rose will attend the next three practices for the Knicks and is expected to start Tuesday night.

Rockaways Concrete Boardwalk Meets 2016 Fall Season

So far this season, mother earth has been emotionally kind to us. The Rockaway Beach Concrete Boardwalk has seen its first time preview of fall weather patterns over last week and past weekend. Thursday we were hit with 80-degree weather, then Friday Rockaway was smashed with cool rain all morning and afternoon… And just as the Rockaway Beach magic hours started to approach, the sun broke through the clouds to give us a spectacular goldish haze sunset through the damp airy mist. Rockaway Beach boardwalk was lit up with the glorious sun rays clearing and drying up the newest 2016 damp concrete boardwalk. From the looks of things, the magic hour of Friday afternoon was worth waiting for after being hit by mother earth giving us emotional wind and rain patterns all that day.


As the magic hour started too revealed itself so did the locals of Rockaway Beach, which came out to appreciating the little sun the day had left. Not many days left in the year for the Rockaway Beach locals to witness and feel the warmth of long sunny days any longer. It only seems as if the fall season is the season for Rockaway Beach Locals. With just under a month before daylight saving time happens, the locals are still able to get home from work and witness the glorious sun before sunset. The boardwalk and beaches have never looked so clean throughout the summer months with all the tourist coming in and neighboring locals from the other 4 boroughs. The true Rockaway Beach heads come out to enjoy the best season for Rockaway Beach. Normally, people never truly appreciate things until it’s gone, well, for the locals of Rockaway Beach… there seems to be nothing but local sun gazer all along the concrete boardwalk. It was a beautiful beginning to an emotional mother earth weekend.

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– Time Traveler


Simon Chardiet Is Your Jazz Pusherman

Sunday Evening was filled with some of the best instrumental music flowing from the bay side of Thai Rock in Rockaway Beach. Simon Chardiet was on the Base playing nothing but the good fellas jazzy tunes as he played with his featured Jazz band from the city. Simon played a familiar song from Curtis Mayfield “Pusherman” from the soundtrack album “SuperFly”.

Simon looks to perform more through the fall season at Thai Rock given people his best performance for the local residents of Rockaway Beach.

Thai Rock Restaurant will have entertainment every weekend throughout the fall and winter months. Thai Rock is repeatedly adding more and more famous Thai dishes to their menu as the days get shorter and nights become longer. If there is anywhere to go in Rockaway Beach, Thai Rock will always have live entertainment for smooth; and cool individual to appreciate a great evening of jazz.



– Time Traveler

Shamrock Peanuts And Glen Cove Cardinals Clash!

By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

Glen Cove NY: The Broad Channel Shamrocks peanuts took on the Glenn Cove Cardinals this past Sunday, October 17th.

The Peanuts league consist of ages 4-6 playing the fundamental game of American Football.

For the Shamrocks, Michael Chiarantano had a fine defensive game and scored on the  50 yard run play, breaking multiple tackles in the process.


Joey, Richie and Chris Keane ran the ball hard all day. Calculating several yards on previous downs.

Christian Williams, Patty Palisi, and John McCarthy all blocked like NFL lineman in the final moments of the game.


On the defensive side, Mason and Bobby stepped up and played well until the final whistle.


The Peanut League does not keep score. The league explains that the cause is to teach the fundamental aspect of the game. The object is for the children to learn, grow, and have fun. They will learn to be winners in the next stage of their careers.

A game well coached by Coach Edwin , Jose, Mickey and Bobby.


Coach Mickey giving his players props during the game.

Peanuts have a bye heading into this weekend. Their next game will be on October 30th at Broad Channel Athletic Club Field.

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Farmers’ Markets Brought To Rockaway

 By: The Time Traveler

The weather this weekend was great for the Tabora Farms Pop-Up Farmers’ Markets. With only 5 weeks left to the season be sure to check them out soon.

See pictures below firsthand of available sweets, veggies, pies and more in preparation for the Thanksgiving rush.

The Farmers’ Markets are open in 3 locations weekly until November 23rd, 2016

– Wednesdays, 5pm – 8pm at Dayton Towers West @
Beach 103 & Shore Front Parkway, by the pool

– Saturdays, 8 am to 1 pm – St Francis De Sales Parking Lot
Beach 129 Street & Rockaway Beach Blvd.

– Saturdays; 8am to 1pm – Riis Park at Bay Nine.

You can enjoy either way, if you have a sweet tooth for pies or a green thumb for veggies and fresh produce.

The Tabora Farm has given Rockaway Beach their best summer addition of fresh farm foods and sweets from their personal farmland in Pennsylvania and will continue through the fall. For Thanksgiving, the Tabora Farm will be taking pre-orders from the locals of Rockaway Beach. Stop by one of their stands for more information.

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Whit’s End Celebrates Grand Opening!

By The Time Travler


This weekend I had the joy of photographing Whit’s End @ Riis Point.

Rockaway is becoming a true year-round beach town with many locals stepping up to the plate and bringing hit restaurants, bars, lounges and more to remain open throughout the Fall & Winter Seasons.

Whit’s End, recently relocated to Riis Point, held a grand opening starting this past Friday, October 14th at 7 pm at Bay 9 (in Jacob Riis Park) There was live music, a fisherman’s’ den playing the football game, a bar and quite the crowd of supporters. This location offers anything that a hungry person with an interest in socializing and entertainment may desire. With the fresh fish being caught by Whitney Aycock himself before service, it gives that extra feel of community.

It all started off on Friday evening with Rockaway Beach Artist Jeff setting up his painting tools to begin painting the scene to kick-off the 3-day celebration.

Opening night brought out at least 100 guests to enjoy the music, food and festivities of a great fall evening. The night ended with cheers of a slow jazzy evening from the local Jazz band, Sunny Side Social Club playing well into the night.

Saturday began the Riis Park Beach Bazaar Fall Opening aka Oktoberfest. From roughly 1pm to 5 pm, drawing a crowd of at least 500 people throughout the day. Patrons came from all over NYC and beyond. All were welcome and made the day grand; keeping Whit and his staff on their feet.. “It was all business and great fun” as Whit explains. The live band for the day (Walker & The Brotherhood of the Grape) definitely had a hand in keeping the day “lively”. Local vendors  were present as well.

14670739_10153843859151218_5083268266292096197_nOn the final day, I could tell Whit was ready to attack this day with even more anticipation of a great afternoon to come. Although Sunday did not bring out as many patrons, it was a warm and cool afternoon. Bringing out the Rockaway proud locals who came with big smiles and empty stomachs. At least 200 families and friends from throughout the peninsula had what seemed to be a great time.

Whits End is opened Thursdays thru Mondays from 5pm to at least 10pm.

Brunch beginning next weekend from 11am to 2pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

He plans to bring pleasurable entertainment and fun during the off-season. The location is set up for both indoor and outdoor as Whit himself has mentioned; this is great “to have open activities throughout the season with live music, and bands of all sorts and kinds. “

Along with the live activities and entertainment, Whit specializes in “cheffing” up some of Rockaway Beach coastlines’ best. If you enjoy fresh caught fish, Whits End at Riis Point is the place to be this fall season.

The Rockaway Fall Season for locals is just beginning as Whit explains with a big smile. “So many fish to catch and so many mouths to feed on this incredible peninsula of the Rockaways. Come once and you’ll never forget the experience..”


Whitney on Sunday late afternoon after having his 3 day grand opening weekend. With a satisfying weekend and many more to come on mind.


The Army Corps of Engineers will host community engagement meetings for the Rockaway Reformation Study

According to,

This is the LAST meeting that will be held to review and discuss these plans.

Rockaway Reformation Study

The Army Corps of Engineers will host community engagement meetings for the Rockaway Reformation Study from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Thursday, October 20
PS 114, 400 Beach 135th Street, Rockaway

Open House: 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Poster session: 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Presentation: 7:00 p.m. – 7:45 p.m. Open Discussion 7:45 p.m. – 9:00p.m.

What Caused The Traffic Jam On Rockaway Beach Blvd and 115th Street Friday?

Submitted  by our newest freelance reporter “The Time Traveler”

What is holding up traffic at Beach 115 & Rockaway Beach Blvd Friday?

Around 5pm Friday Evening.

According to eyewitness statements an unknown person released some kind of smoke into the ventilation system.

“Just a regular day on Beach 115 Street”, noted one resident of the block as we witness NYC’s Bravest & Finest rushing up the block. There was a call for a fumes outburst. A resident of the SRO located at said “As soon as I walked into the door I immediately started coughing, not knowing what the hell”.

Another eye witness told us, “everyone in the building started coughing and gasping for air at the same time as people started running out into the street for air”.

Turns out, a can of mace exploded and flooded through the ventilation system of the SingleRoomOccupancy (SRO) home. All residents were safely evacuated with only minor injuries reported.

The Beach block of 115 is no stranger to emergency responders. As noted by many locals; NYPD, FDNY and EMTs are here on a regular basis. With a nursing home and a handful of boarding homes there seems to always be a call and rescue situation to this particular block. I personally counted 5 fire trucks, 2 ambulance and 2 NYPD squat car. Traffic was held up on the Blvd for at least an hour while first responders took care of the home.     – Time Traveler

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Slideshow photos by Time Traveler.

Shamrocks Remain Undefeated In Muddy Fashion!

By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

Broad Channel NY- On a cold rainy morning at Broad Channel Athletic Club’s Field. The undefeated Broad Channel Shamrocks Pewee Football squad took on the Cardinals of Glenn Oaks.


Both teams had to fight the elements with so much at stake. Shamrocks trying to remain undefeated and get one step closer to the Playoffs. For the Cardinals, they walked-In with a record of 3-1 and showed great skill and passion against the Shams.

The game ended in a close one. The shamrocks were able to capitalize on defense late, with some hard hits and fumble recoveries. The final score of the game, Shamrocks 13, Cardinals 6.

With 45 degree temperatures and wind gust up to 20 miles an hour. Both teams showed great strength and toughness to finish.


After the game I was able to talk to Coach Brad Palisi of the Shamrocks.

How was the weather on the kids?

Palisi: “It was kind of a bend don’t break thing”, “the other team probably played better through the weather then we did”.  “Our defense stepped up for the most part and we scored twice they scored once”.

What are you looking forward to next game, next week?

“Well we take it one game at a time”. We play West Babylon next week, the win this week is a confidence booster for the kids”. “If we can play in this weather”. “We can play in anything”.

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Photo Credits- Edwin Williams

Josephine Johnson Reading Program: Provides Free Tutoring Program in Rockaway.

By Josephine Johnson Reading Program

Motto: Preparing Academic Scholars for Kingdom Work.
Objective: To use explicit instruction to prepare our scholars for academic challenges and to use Christian based character development to foster discipleship and prepare our scholars for Kingdom work.
Population: K-12

Instructional Focus: Reading, Writing, Math, Character Development/Team Building, Arts and Crafts, Performing Arts, and Sports. The extracurricular activities will operate independently throughout various cycles.

We will operate on 10 week cycles with a 2 week break in between,

First cycle- October 1st- December 17th
Scholars will be off on ( November 12 & November 26)
Second cycle- January 7th- March 25th
Focus: Test Prep
Scholars will be off (February 18th& 25th)
Third cycle- April 22nd- June 17th
Scholars will be off (May 27th)
Focus: Art, Performing Arts, and Sports Intensive.
High School Scholars can opt out to have regents test prep in preparation for June.
(Trip Optional)

Sample schedule
10:00 am- 10:45 Strategies for good readers
10:45-11:30 Writing
11:30-12:15 Mathematics
12:15-1:00 Character Education or Art

(Science and Social Studies will be integrated through core subjects) All scholars must be present within the first 30 minutes of the program to attend. Time Management and preparedness is key due to the time constraints. Instruction should take place with a short mini lesson followed by active engagement.Extreme discipline problems will not be tolerated as it would disturb the remediation for other scholars.Breakfast will be provided.

In addition, all individuals working with the children directly must be fingerprinted.
If you are not working with the children in a capacity of which you will be left alone with the children, fingerprinting is not necessary.
If you are working as an instructor or educational assistant you MUST be fingerprinted and cleared through the NYS Central Registry.
You can be fingerprinted for a fee of $25 at One Police Plaza Room 152 A on Monday-Friday between 9 am and 3 pm.

Supplies needed: Chart paper, Children’s Bibles, 3 easels, Notebooks, Pencils,Crayons, Scissors, Construction Paper, Art supplies, Hand-sanitizer ,Clorox wipes, Tissues, Books, Test Prep Materials, Breakfast, Materials
All donations are welcome!

Arverne NY: Josephine Johnson Reading Program is located at St. Johns Baptist Church 7405 Rockaway Beach Blvd.