Josephine Johnson Reading Program: Provides Free Tutoring Program in Rockaway.

By Josephine Johnson Reading Program

Motto: Preparing Academic Scholars for Kingdom Work.
Objective: To use explicit instruction to prepare our scholars for academic challenges and to use Christian based character development to foster discipleship and prepare our scholars for Kingdom work.
Population: K-12

Instructional Focus: Reading, Writing, Math, Character Development/Team Building, Arts and Crafts, Performing Arts, and Sports. The extracurricular activities will operate independently throughout various cycles.

We will operate on 10 week cycles with a 2 week break in between,

First cycle- October 1st- December 17th
Scholars will be off on ( November 12 & November 26)
Second cycle- January 7th- March 25th
Focus: Test Prep
Scholars will be off (February 18th& 25th)
Third cycle- April 22nd- June 17th
Scholars will be off (May 27th)
Focus: Art, Performing Arts, and Sports Intensive.
High School Scholars can opt out to have regents test prep in preparation for June.
(Trip Optional)

Sample schedule
10:00 am- 10:45 Strategies for good readers
10:45-11:30 Writing
11:30-12:15 Mathematics
12:15-1:00 Character Education or Art

(Science and Social Studies will be integrated through core subjects) All scholars must be present within the first 30 minutes of the program to attend. Time Management and preparedness is key due to the time constraints. Instruction should take place with a short mini lesson followed by active engagement.Extreme discipline problems will not be tolerated as it would disturb the remediation for other scholars.Breakfast will be provided.

In addition, all individuals working with the children directly must be fingerprinted.
If you are not working with the children in a capacity of which you will be left alone with the children, fingerprinting is not necessary.
If you are working as an instructor or educational assistant you MUST be fingerprinted and cleared through the NYS Central Registry.
You can be fingerprinted for a fee of $25 at One Police Plaza Room 152 A on Monday-Friday between 9 am and 3 pm.

Supplies needed: Chart paper, Children’s Bibles, 3 easels, Notebooks, Pencils,Crayons, Scissors, Construction Paper, Art supplies, Hand-sanitizer ,Clorox wipes, Tissues, Books, Test Prep Materials, Breakfast, Materials
All donations are welcome!

Arverne NY: Josephine Johnson Reading Program is located at St. Johns Baptist Church 7405 Rockaway Beach Blvd.

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