Shamrocks Remain Undefeated In Muddy Fashion!

By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

Broad Channel NY- On a cold rainy morning at Broad Channel Athletic Club’s Field. The undefeated Broad Channel Shamrocks Pewee Football squad took on the Cardinals of Glenn Oaks.


Both teams had to fight the elements with so much at stake. Shamrocks trying to remain undefeated and get one step closer to the Playoffs. For the Cardinals, they walked-In with a record of 3-1 and showed great skill and passion against the Shams.

The game ended in a close one. The shamrocks were able to capitalize on defense late, with some hard hits and fumble recoveries. The final score of the game, Shamrocks 13, Cardinals 6.

With 45 degree temperatures and wind gust up to 20 miles an hour. Both teams showed great strength and toughness to finish.


After the game I was able to talk to Coach Brad Palisi of the Shamrocks.

How was the weather on the kids?

Palisi: “It was kind of a bend don’t break thing”, “the other team probably played better through the weather then we did”.  “Our defense stepped up for the most part and we scored twice they scored once”.

What are you looking forward to next game, next week?

“Well we take it one game at a time”. We play West Babylon next week, the win this week is a confidence booster for the kids”. “If we can play in this weather”. “We can play in anything”.

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Photo Credits- Edwin Williams

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