What Caused The Traffic Jam On Rockaway Beach Blvd and 115th Street Friday?

Submitted  by our newest freelance reporter “The Time Traveler”

What is holding up traffic at Beach 115 & Rockaway Beach Blvd Friday?

Around 5pm Friday Evening.

According to eyewitness statements an unknown person released some kind of smoke into the ventilation system.

“Just a regular day on Beach 115 Street”, noted one resident of the block as we witness NYC’s Bravest & Finest rushing up the block. There was a call for a fumes outburst. A resident of the SRO located at said “As soon as I walked into the door I immediately started coughing, not knowing what the hell”.

Another eye witness told us, “everyone in the building started coughing and gasping for air at the same time as people started running out into the street for air”.

Turns out, a can of mace exploded and flooded through the ventilation system of the SingleRoomOccupancy (SRO) home. All residents were safely evacuated with only minor injuries reported.

The Beach block of 115 is no stranger to emergency responders. As noted by many locals; NYPD, FDNY and EMTs are here on a regular basis. With a nursing home and a handful of boarding homes there seems to always be a call and rescue situation to this particular block. I personally counted 5 fire trucks, 2 ambulance and 2 NYPD squat car. Traffic was held up on the Blvd for at least an hour while first responders took care of the home.     – Time Traveler

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Slideshow photos by Time Traveler.

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