Whit’s End Celebrates Grand Opening!

By The Time Travler


This weekend I had the joy of photographing Whit’s End @ Riis Point.

Rockaway is becoming a true year-round beach town with many locals stepping up to the plate and bringing hit restaurants, bars, lounges and more to remain open throughout the Fall & Winter Seasons.

Whit’s End, recently relocated to Riis Point, held a grand opening starting this past Friday, October 14th at 7 pm at Bay 9 (in Jacob Riis Park) There was live music, a fisherman’s’ den playing the football game, a bar and quite the crowd of supporters. This location offers anything that a hungry person with an interest in socializing and entertainment may desire. With the fresh fish being caught by Whitney Aycock himself before service, it gives that extra feel of community.

It all started off on Friday evening with Rockaway Beach Artist Jeff setting up his painting tools to begin painting the scene to kick-off the 3-day celebration.

Opening night brought out at least 100 guests to enjoy the music, food and festivities of a great fall evening. The night ended with cheers of a slow jazzy evening from the local Jazz band, Sunny Side Social Club playing well into the night.

Saturday began the Riis Park Beach Bazaar Fall Opening aka Oktoberfest. From roughly 1pm to 5 pm, drawing a crowd of at least 500 people throughout the day. Patrons came from all over NYC and beyond. All were welcome and made the day grand; keeping Whit and his staff on their feet.. “It was all business and great fun” as Whit explains. The live band for the day (Walker & The Brotherhood of the Grape) definitely had a hand in keeping the day “lively”. Local vendors  were present as well.

14670739_10153843859151218_5083268266292096197_nOn the final day, I could tell Whit was ready to attack this day with even more anticipation of a great afternoon to come. Although Sunday did not bring out as many patrons, it was a warm and cool afternoon. Bringing out the Rockaway proud locals who came with big smiles and empty stomachs. At least 200 families and friends from throughout the peninsula had what seemed to be a great time.

Whits End is opened Thursdays thru Mondays from 5pm to at least 10pm.

Brunch beginning next weekend from 11am to 2pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

He plans to bring pleasurable entertainment and fun during the off-season. The location is set up for both indoor and outdoor as Whit himself has mentioned; this is great “to have open activities throughout the season with live music, and bands of all sorts and kinds. “

Along with the live activities and entertainment, Whit specializes in “cheffing” up some of Rockaway Beach coastlines’ best. If you enjoy fresh caught fish, Whits End at Riis Point is the place to be this fall season.

The Rockaway Fall Season for locals is just beginning as Whit explains with a big smile. “So many fish to catch and so many mouths to feed on this incredible peninsula of the Rockaways. Come once and you’ll never forget the experience..”


Whitney on Sunday late afternoon after having his 3 day grand opening weekend. With a satisfying weekend and many more to come on mind.




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