Shamrock Peanuts And Glen Cove Cardinals Clash!

By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

Glen Cove NY: The Broad Channel Shamrocks peanuts took on the Glenn Cove Cardinals this past Sunday, October 17th.

The Peanuts league consist of ages 4-6 playing the fundamental game of American Football.

For the Shamrocks, Michael Chiarantano had a fine defensive game and scored on the  50 yard run play, breaking multiple tackles in the process.


Joey, Richie and Chris Keane ran the ball hard all day. Calculating several yards on previous downs.

Christian Williams, Patty Palisi, and John McCarthy all blocked like NFL lineman in the final moments of the game.


On the defensive side, Mason and Bobby stepped up and played well until the final whistle.


The Peanut League does not keep score. The league explains that the cause is to teach the fundamental aspect of the game. The object is for the children to learn, grow, and have fun. They will learn to be winners in the next stage of their careers.

A game well coached by Coach Edwin , Jose, Mickey and Bobby.


Coach Mickey giving his players props during the game.

Peanuts have a bye heading into this weekend. Their next game will be on October 30th at Broad Channel Athletic Club Field.

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