Rockaways Concrete Boardwalk Meets 2016 Fall Season

So far this season, mother earth has been emotionally kind to us. The Rockaway Beach Concrete Boardwalk has seen its first time preview of fall weather patterns over last week and past weekend. Thursday we were hit with 80-degree weather, then Friday Rockaway was smashed with cool rain all morning and afternoon… And just as the Rockaway Beach magic hours started to approach, the sun broke through the clouds to give us a spectacular goldish haze sunset through the damp airy mist. Rockaway Beach boardwalk was lit up with the glorious sun rays clearing and drying up the newest 2016 damp concrete boardwalk. From the looks of things, the magic hour of Friday afternoon was worth waiting for after being hit by mother earth giving us emotional wind and rain patterns all that day.


As the magic hour started too revealed itself so did the locals of Rockaway Beach, which came out to appreciating the little sun the day had left. Not many days left in the year for the Rockaway Beach locals to witness and feel the warmth of long sunny days any longer. It only seems as if the fall season is the season for Rockaway Beach Locals. With just under a month before daylight saving time happens, the locals are still able to get home from work and witness the glorious sun before sunset. The boardwalk and beaches have never looked so clean throughout the summer months with all the tourist coming in and neighboring locals from the other 4 boroughs. The true Rockaway Beach heads come out to enjoy the best season for Rockaway Beach. Normally, people never truly appreciate things until it’s gone, well, for the locals of Rockaway Beach… there seems to be nothing but local sun gazer all along the concrete boardwalk. It was a beautiful beginning to an emotional mother earth weekend.

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– Time Traveler


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