‘Giving the Gift of Love’ Serves Thanksgiving Door-to-Door

By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

The following is an excerpt from the Giving the Gift of Love (GTGOL) website.

“The Rockaway-based non-profit ‘Giving the Gift of Love’ began in 2011 and was created by young people to serve and give back to the community.”

According to its website, GTGOL has held 20 charitable events throughout Rockaway and Marksville, Louisiana.

On Thanksgiving, the organization provided food to residents of the Beach 40th Street Housing complex. Although the objective was to provide a hearty meal for family members and their friends, emphasis was also placed on creating an atmosphere of appreciation, love and, most importantly, gratitude.

Residents were invited to 433-A Beach 40th Street, which is commonly referred to as “The Red Building”, from 12p.m. to 2p.m. to usher in the holiday season.

GTGOL also delivered plates of food and water to home-bound residents, and many of them were overjoyed when they received the meals and shared them with their families.

The organization asked Rockaway Primetime Reporting to share the following statement with members of the community: “Giving the Gift of Love wants to remind everyone that it’s not just about giving. It’s also about service, empowerment, giving back and the belief that we all can make the world a better place.”


Click here for additional information on the organization and its plans for 2017.

Scala Demands More Accountability From City Agencies


Mike Scala’s editorial in this week’s The Forum newspaper.

Mike Scala wrote an editorial for this week’s edition of The Forum, South & West — covering the Queens neighborhoods of Howard Beach, Ozone Park, Woodhaven, Richmond Hill, Broad Channel and others — demanding that city agencies be held more accountable.

In the op ed, Scala recounts construction for Select Bus Service (SBS) beginning at Jamaica Avenue two days after Community Board 9 voted overwhelmingly against the plan. He imagines a scenario where the Department of Transportation sends an email reading “Time for some traffic problems in Woodhaven,” a reference to New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s Bridgegate scandal.

Testimony in opposition to SBS, including from Queens Public Transit Committee members and Scala himself, was provided at the community board meeting before the body’s vote to reject the project. Scala argues that while community boards are advisory in nature, and thus their decisions are not binding, they should be entitled to more consideration from the city.

“Perhaps this means conducting further analysis. Perhaps this means providing the board with a detailed response. It might even include counterarguments and well-formulated reasons the advice will ultimately not be needed,” Scala writes. “It should not, under any circumstances, entail outright ignoring the will of the community.”

The Clinton Foundation’s Tax Returns 2012, 13, and 14

By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

I was bored one day and decided to research the Clinton Foundation. I found their tax returns and decided to share. Any Clinton conspiracy theorist out there? Now is your chance.

2012 click here.


2013 click here.


2014 click here.


Enjoy from yours truly, Rockaway Primetime.


Everything You Need To Stop Wayne Oken In A Nutshell!

By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

Note- Everything included in this story is public record and gives me the right to share.

You’ve ever been a victim of Wayne Oken bullying you online?

Now is your chance to get even.

With hard work and determination. I was able to pinpoint the exact location of where Wayne Oken executes his attacks.

I will not stop there! I also have court documents that show all the lawsuits and legal troubles Wayne Oken has gotten himself into in the state of Florida. Also, I have the correct county of where Oken’s local Sheriff’s Department resides. I will provide you all the info you need to report any crime done against you. If you decide to leave it alone? That’s fine too. Just keep in mind how dangerous the internet can be for anyone.

Why not get started?

Unfortanly, according to the Journalism ethics, I can not give you an exact address publicly. But I can provide you the name of the place and zip code.

Oken lives at the Santa Barbara Estates, Pompano Beach FL, 33062.


Here is the info where you can report any crime. I would also urge everyone to reach out to your own local precinct as well.

  • Office of Sheriff – (954) 831 -8901
  • Chaplain’s Office (main) – (954) 321-4111


Now, let’s take a look at Mr. Oken’s court files.


I wonder what car he drives? Let’s find out that too.


I have kept my promise to everyone in Rockaway that I would dig and dig. I will stop at nothing to bring evil to justice. I hope no one has any hard feelings about what I have done. The man tried to destroy people’s lives! The man threaten my life! I don’t take that with a spoon.

Final, let this be a wake-up call for anyone out there thinking this is cool to do. I myself will go to greater lengths to stop you. I will not sleep, I will not break; until you are put to justice!

Part two next week.







Earlier This Year, Velázquez & Schumer Urged HUD to Revise ‘Small Area Fair Market Rent Rule’ & Work With Affordable Housing Community in NYC


Lawmakers Announce: HUD’s Revised Rule Will Make Any Metro Area–With Vacancy Rate of 4 Percent or Lower—Exempt from SAFMR Rule; New York City’s Vacancy Rate is 3.45 Percent; Big Win For City & Working Families  



New York City– U.S. Rep. Nydia M. Velázquez (D-NY) and Senator Charles E. Schumer (D-NY) announced that, after their push earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) will be exempting New York City from the agency’s new Small Area Fair Market Rent (SAMFR) rule for Section 8 voucher holders. Under HUD’s original proposal, New York City housing experts estimated that rental assistance payments under the Section 8 program would decrease for more than 55,000 voucher holders across New York City.  Under HUD’s revision of the rule, metropolitan areas with a vacancy rate of 4 percent or lower will be exempted, including New York City which has a vacancy rate of 3.45 percent.


“This plan was a terrible fit for New York City all along and I am pleased we worked with the Secretary to find a solution,” Velázquez said. “More New Yorkers are going to be able to stay in their homes because of this exemption and that’s no small victory for working families in our City.”


“There’s no place like home, and today’s win will keep it that way for thousands of New Yorkers,” said U.S. Senator Charles Schumer. “Under HUD’s revised rule, thousands of working families can now breathe a sigh of a relief because New York City will be exempt from a rule that really made no sense here, a rule that could have raised rent costs and displaced people who loved their neighborhoods. In a place like New York City, where the vacancy rate is below 4 percent, the outcome of the SAFMR rule could have been detrimental. I am pleased that HUD heeded the call by going back to the drawing board and hammering out a new plan that works for our tenants, families and seniors, as well as the affordable housing community.”


In August, Schumer and Velázquez led the New York City delegation in writing to the Department calling for fixes to the new “market rate” system of distributing vouchers that the agency was developing. In their letter, the two argued that the plan would have a devastating outcome for New York City.


You can find the original letter online here:https://velazquez.house.gov/media-center/press-releases/velazquez-schumer-question-section-8-changes

Shamrock Peanuts Close Out The Season In A Nail-Biter.

By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

Broad Channel NY- As the Broad Channel Shamrocks conclude their final game of the season before the big Turkey Bowl.

Shamrocks took on North Babylon Bulldogs this past weekend.

With great blocking and teamwork on the offensive side of the ball, the Shamrocks gave the Bulldogs a tough time to adjust on defense.


Continuing on the offensive side, Shamrocks had an explosive run game all game long. Chris Keane (61) had an impressive 40-yard touchdown run to bring the Shamrocks back into the game.


Adding fuel to the fire. Another great run performance for the Shamrocks in the late moments capping off a game-winning season.

Interviews from the players explain the happiness and joy that comes from the game of football.

Chris Keane: “The game was great.” “I scored one touchdown”.

What do you think about your team next year?

“They going to get better next year”.

Gary Patrylo: I’m ready for next year

What you want people to know?

“I like Football”.

Here is the final roster for the Broad Channel Shamrocks.

  • Broderick Carter
  • Joseph Costa
  • Mason Detoma
  • Matthew Jones
  • Christopher Keane
  • Connor Coogan
  • Dominic Martinez
  • John McCarthy
  • Patrick Palsi
  • Gary Patrylo
  • Poggio Aiden
  • Christian Polizzi
  • Christian Williams

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Photos by Edwin Williams.



Queens locals gather in tribute to those affected by Hurricane Sandy before annual recovery walk

By Ross Kieth

A group of twenty resilient Queens residents bowed their heads in prayer against the biting Atlantic ocean breeze Friday on the Rockaway Beach boardwalk.


They stood in a circle around a yellow wreath emblazoned with the words “Remembrance and Recovery,” a tribute to the hardships many have endured in the four years since Hurricane Sandy came barreling across the city, leaving many coastal communities still reeling.

Read more here: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/queens-locals-remember-hurricane-sandy-victims-annual-walk-article-1.2849566

Source- Daily News

Photo by Gardiner Anderson


Rockaway Primetime Reporting Endorses Stacey Pheffer-Amato

By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet


Rockaway Primetime Reporting is excited to announce its endorsement of Stacey Pheffer-Amato for New York State Assembly in the 23rd District.

This is the publication’s first endorsement of a political candidate.

Born and raised in the district she hopes to represent, Pheffer-Amato has a proven track record of dedication and service to the Rockaway community. Regarded by many as a force to be reckoned with, she has appeared and spoken out at many community events and emergency meetings held throughout the peninsula.

The candidate has also appeared at New York’s City Hall in effort to address the surge in homelessness and a myriad of problems concerning the shelter system.


Stacey Pheffer-Amato is pictured at City Hall with former 100th Precinct Community Council President Danny Ruscillo.

Pheffer-Amato believes her grass-roots background will serve her well in her bid for the New York State Assembly. “I plan to use my experience as a resident, taxpayer, small business owner and, most of all, as a parent,” said the outspoken Rockaway native.

Rockaway Primetime Reporting can confirm that this candidate is no pushover. Moreover, she is willing to do whatever it takes to prove she is not, and will never be, your typical politician. The following report will serve as confirmation.

Recently, a community advocate in Arverne contacted Pheffer-Amato and provided information about a free tutoring program being offered to all residents on the peninsula. On the day the call was placed, the advocate noted that the program was struggling to provide lunch to kids in the age range of four to 13-years-old. The revelation had a profound impact on the candidate, and she wasted no time in providing assistance.

Pheffer-Amato and her husband Frank are the owners of “Elegante”, a pizzeria that is considered a staple of the Rockaway community. Pheffer-Amato immediately donated five pizza pies to the tutoring program, which helped quell the hunger of more than 20 kids.


Rockaway Primetime Reporting believes that when you invest in young people’s lives, you’re placing them on the path to success. Clearly, Pheffer-Amato shares that sentiment.  Her gesture may be viewed as insignificant or “small” by some members of the community, but we feel her actions represent two crucial elements that have been missing from the political landscape, at the local and national level, for far too long: compassion and a willingness to do the right thing for people and communities.

Given her long history of advocacy and service in the community, and her desire to help kids in need, Rockaway Primetime Reporting is confident when it states that residents will not be engaging in “politics as usual” if they support Stacey Pheffer-Amato for New York State Assembly.