Shamrock Peanuts Close Out The Season In A Nail-Biter.

By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

Broad Channel NY- As the Broad Channel Shamrocks conclude their final game of the season before the big Turkey Bowl.

Shamrocks took on North Babylon Bulldogs this past weekend.

With great blocking and teamwork on the offensive side of the ball, the Shamrocks gave the Bulldogs a tough time to adjust on defense.


Continuing on the offensive side, Shamrocks had an explosive run game all game long. Chris Keane (61) had an impressive 40-yard touchdown run to bring the Shamrocks back into the game.


Adding fuel to the fire. Another great run performance for the Shamrocks in the late moments capping off a game-winning season.

Interviews from the players explain the happiness and joy that comes from the game of football.

Chris Keane: “The game was great.” “I scored one touchdown”.

What do you think about your team next year?

“They going to get better next year”.

Gary Patrylo: I’m ready for next year

What you want people to know?

“I like Football”.

Here is the final roster for the Broad Channel Shamrocks.

  • Broderick Carter
  • Joseph Costa
  • Mason Detoma
  • Matthew Jones
  • Christopher Keane
  • Connor Coogan
  • Dominic Martinez
  • John McCarthy
  • Patrick Palsi
  • Gary Patrylo
  • Poggio Aiden
  • Christian Polizzi
  • Christian Williams

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos by Edwin Williams.



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