Everything You Need To Stop Wayne Oken In A Nutshell!

By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

Note- Everything included in this story is public record and gives me the right to share.

You’ve ever been a victim of Wayne Oken bullying you online?

Now is your chance to get even.

With hard work and determination. I was able to pinpoint the exact location of where Wayne Oken executes his attacks.

I will not stop there! I also have court documents that show all the lawsuits and legal troubles Wayne Oken has gotten himself into in the state of Florida. Also, I have the correct county of where Oken’s local Sheriff’s Department resides. I will provide you all the info you need to report any crime done against you. If you decide to leave it alone? That’s fine too. Just keep in mind how dangerous the internet can be for anyone.

Why not get started?

Unfortanly, according to the Journalism ethics, I can not give you an exact address publicly. But I can provide you the name of the place and zip code.

Oken lives at the Santa Barbara Estates, Pompano Beach FL, 33062.


Here is the info where you can report any crime. I would also urge everyone to reach out to your own local precinct as well.

  • Office of Sheriff – (954) 831 -8901
  • Chaplain’s Office (main) – (954) 321-4111


Now, let’s take a look at Mr. Oken’s court files.


I wonder what car he drives? Let’s find out that too.


I have kept my promise to everyone in Rockaway that I would dig and dig. I will stop at nothing to bring evil to justice. I hope no one has any hard feelings about what I have done. The man tried to destroy people’s lives! The man threaten my life! I don’t take that with a spoon.

Final, let this be a wake-up call for anyone out there thinking this is cool to do. I myself will go to greater lengths to stop you. I will not sleep, I will not break; until you are put to justice!

Part two next week.




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