Construction for 5 Million Dollar Skatepark Set This Fall

By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet


Above is the schematics of the new Rockaway Skate Park which includes fences, plazas, grandstands, new entrance ramps and planting areas. 

Parks and Safety Committee held a meeting Monday night to discuss various upcoming parks projects for the Rockaways. One that stuck out- was the long awaited Rockaway Skate Park.

Rockaway Skate Park project had some residents and local skaters wondering if the funding would ever be secured for the project. Rockaway Skate Park was originally set to be built January 2017, but because of funding difficulties, the project was later delayed.

The good news is during the meeting- NYC Parks Administrator Portia Dyrenforth announced the 5 million dollar Rockaway Skate Park Project to begin construction Fall of 2017. Beginning a new era for Skaters across the Rockaways.

Primetime asked Dyrenforth about concerns of dangerous wood for the current temporary park. “We are aware and are going to replace the wood”.

John Cori, a member of the Parks and Safety Committee stated that he will also help with replacing and smoothing the foundation for skaters along with Parks.

The project is expected to be completed Spring of 2018.



4 thoughts on “Construction for 5 Million Dollar Skatepark Set This Fall”

  1. It’s been a long road for skateboarding in Rockaway ,from lobbing for the original park to raising money and volunteers for the build out after Sandy and all the annual maintenance of the temporary park. We cannot wait to finally have a proper concrete park on the 91st location we all have work so hard for! God Bless all of you for making this become a reality!!! Love Jimmy Dowd of St James & Boarders Surf Shop🙏


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