James ‘Dodo’ Dolan: A Reason to Boycott the NY Knicks


Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

My frustration with Knicks owner James “Dodo” Dolan took root long before the Oakley fiasco. I’ve been a devoted Knicks fan since I was old enough to understand the game of basketball, and there certainly hasn’t been much to cheer about in recent years.  I started watching the Knicks in 2003. My love for the team was a key reason why I researched and learned as much as I could about the organization and its history. After researching, it didn’t take long for me to realize that the organization was and continues to be poorly managed, thanks to “Dodo and Company”.

The only positive thing I’ve witnessed as a Knicks fans was when Jeremy “Linsanity” Lin shocked the league with his performances in 2011. That’s not saying much, especially when you consider the fact that the Knicks let him go the following season. I wonder why? Don’t get me started on the crappy trades that were made before Phil Jackson took over.

By now, many of you are aware that Dodo had Knicks legend Charles Oakley banned, indefinitely, from Madison Square Garden (MSG). Speaking during The Michael Kay Show on ESPN (New York) 98.7 FM, he said “the policy regarding Oakley wasn’t necessarily a lifetime ban, but that the Knicks needed to keep the Garden ‘a place that’s comfortable and safe.’”

Dodo! I’m deeply touched. Can you see the tears streamed down my angst-ridden face? Thank you for being so concerned about my safety and whether or not I’d be comfortable at poorly-played games that will probably be over by the second quarter.

Dodo also alleged that Oakley said things in front of Knicks fans that were offensive, profane and “stuff they should never hear.”  I suspect Dodo doesn’t walk the streets of New York City very often. Oh, wait! He can’t because he’s a billionaire whose only concern is making money.


I’ll go even further by stating he couldn’t care less about Knicks fans or the city of New York. If he did, he’d understand why tens-of-thousands recently shouted Oakley’s name, repeatedly, at a recent Knicks game.  Hey, Dodo! Here’s some breaking news! You may want to write this down. Ready? You’re a total loser in the eyes of many New Yorkers and will never be respected by any real Knicks fan.

Now, I realize that I shouldn’t blame him for everything, but I am. The only thing he’s absolved from is the fact that the team has a fan base that continues to buy tickets, despite years of piss-poor performance. The fact that they’re buying tickets has nothing to do with him or what he may perceive as “support” for the decisions he’s made and continues to make on behalf of the organization. It’s about the fact that Knicks fans understand that dedication, loyalty, unity and unconditional love are crucial in building and maintaining a strong relationship with the team. We’ve given Dodo the benefit of the doubt for over 20 years, and all he’s done is left us with broken promises. It all started when he hired Mike D’Antoni and rehired Isaiah Thomas to serve as a team consultant. Subsequently, Thomas ended up becoming CEO of the New York Liberty. That was a major slap in the face!

At this point, I would love to see fans boycott all Knicks games. I know that sounds ridiculous and would hurt the players more than the owners. However, I strongly believe that if we continue to give Dodo our hard-earned money and not hold him accountable, nothing will ever change. Moreover, the franchise, from the front office to the locker room, will become the laughing stock of the NBA, if it isn’t already. With regard to the boycott, it means not purchasing any Knicks merchandise at MSG, NBA.com, or any major retailer. If you feel the need to purchase, do so from a third party. It also means forgoing ticket purchases. Instead, spend your money on a nice meal at the best sports bar in town and watch the game with family or friends. If you’re a season ticket holder, give your tickets to children and organizations in need. It’s a tax write-off, so you won’t lose a dime. We cannot afford to sit back, year after year, and let Dodo run the organization into ruin. We cannot afford to keep hearing or reading news reports about some ridiculous Carmelo Anthony trade proposed by Phil Jackson. We cannot and should not allow anything like this to happen to Anthony, a player that many already consider a Knicks legend. The universe clearly conveyed this through the Oakley incident!

Hey, Dodo! Where is the respect?! Oakley gave his heart and soul to your organization for 10 years and played a crucial role in helping make the Ewing-Mason-Smith-Starks era great. For whatever reason, you’ve chosen to ignore this fact and continue to vehemently attack his character. I strongly suggest you proceed with caution on all things concerning the Knicks and Oakley. If not, Knicks fans may boycott you out of the organization and New York City, and you’ll suffer the same fate as…. the Dodo.

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