What’s The Popular Beer On St.Patrick’s Day?

Commentary by Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

I stopped by the local Rite Aid to see what was left after this year’s St. Patrick’s Day parade.

I wanted to kick back with some of my boys to watch the Oregon vs Oregon State game, but of course they were out of the beer my friends and I drink.

A popular beer like Bud Light Lime, Bud Light Platinum, Miller, Miller Light, Guinness, were all missing from the shelves.

My last by not least choice were Old English 800 malt liquor, but they all were outta that too.

So, “what ah bro a do”?

My choices left were Corona (Which I drank but friends do not), Old Milwaukee (What the F is that?) Keystone Light (I’m not from Pennsylvania), Budweiser (Full stock should be enough said), Coors Light? Nastiest beer to ever be sold on the face of the Earth.

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