Rockaway May Need To Brace For More Shelters!

By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet (Source Daily News)

Low-income neighborhoods predominantly Black and Hispanic are struggling with poverty bear the brunt of the battle to shelter the homeless, not affluent white communities according to the Daily News.

Critics around Rockaway say homeless plan can target our neighborhood again and could be likely reinforced by Mayor de Blasio’s new plan to house homeless individuals in the communities where they become homeless.

Rockaway currently holds over 130,000 residents on the peninsula. It’s unclear in the number of homeless that reside here on the peninsula.

City Councilman Donovan Richards who serves the eastern part of the Rockaways stated, “This basically comes down to segregation”.

“I like the ideas of keeping people in their communities,” said Richards. “But at the end of the day, you can find places where there are adequate schools, where there are opportunities and housing that’s affordable.”

Looks like Rockaway may need to prepare for another shelter to pop up and be dumped on the peninsula. The big question here should be, Where will the new shelter(s) be placed on the peninsula? Maybe there will be none at all?

Are you ready Rockaway?

According to the Daily News, when de Blasio tried to turn a hotel into a 110-unit men’s shelter in predominantly white, middle income Maspeth, Queens last fall, the neighborhood erupted. Protestors ultimately forced the provider who was going to run the shelter to pull out.

Last week, furious residents of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, cited the Maspeth reversal as they contested a new men’s shelter set to open soon in their neighborhood during a public hearing. Residents of Brooklyn’s Community Board 8, which is 67% black with a poverty rate of 26%, railed against what they called an oversaturation of shelters in their neighborhood. They have 679 beds.

If it happened to them, it can happen here. Where do you stand on the issue?

Photo and Source by Daily News.





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