Far Rockaway RBI to open 3rd Season in April!

Far Rockaway RBI is starting it’s 3rd Season! In 2016, we made big strides…Vincent Coleman came on, bringing years of RBI experience with him to the peninsula. Major League Baseball noticed our good work and invited a team of youth out to San Diego to represent Far Rock at the All Star Classic. Our players and coaches spent a week in dorms…learning about the game and developing character with kids and adults from all over the country!

Over 120 scholar-athletes joined us last year and we increased our attendance rate by nearly 25% to nearly 80%. We spent 2016, improving our quality and safety and the increase in our regular attendance means that the kids/parents keep coming back!

What’s in store for 2017?

1. We made a simple investment in fundamentals. Recognizing that many are still learning, we went indoors and offered ongoing clinics through the winter months at The Child Center of NY’s B40 NYCHA Cornerstone Program. Our participants kept working out and are looking to make bigger steps this Spring. Workouts and registration continue through March, with an eye on April 29 for Opening Day.

2. Far Rockaway RBI is now a lead sponsor for the Boys Baseball and Girls Softball Teams at the Far Rockaway HS Campus. WE intend to bring older youth into the movement through this effort by working with MLB and our stakeholders to bring baseball, youth development, academic support and workforce opportunities to all students attending any school on the Far Rockaway HS Campus.

Our parent organization, The Child Center of NY, is invested in creatively finding ways to engage all young people going to High School in Community School District #27 with an eye of building mentoring options that improve attendance and support completion of High School. We are engaged in multiple strategies toward improving the quality of life in Far Rockaway and recognize that #baseball can build #equity. We need your contribution to help us build this vision into reality.


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