By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

REDFERN- Rockaway Primetime Reporting has received info earlier that Redfern Community Center hosted by the Police Athletic League (PAL) has been shut down until further notice.

In an open letter to the community by Marcel Braithwaite Director of Community Engagement.

The letter states, “Effective immediately, the Police Athletic League must immediately suspend programming at the Redfern Cornerstone until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause your family and we are working with the Department of Youth Community Development (DYCD) to restore programming at Redfern under the auspices of another provider.

“It has been our honor to serve the youth and families of the Redfern Community for the past 7 years. It is our hope that another provider will be quickly identified and resume normal program operations at Redfern Cornerstone Community Center.

For more info, you may connect Community Engagement at 212-477-9450

Pheffer Amato Announces Amanda Kernozek as Chief of Staff

Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato (D-Rockaway) today announced that her scheduler and staff director, Amanda Kernozek, will now hold the title of Chief of Staff.

Kernozek brings with her three years of experience with the New York State Legislature and a deep familiarity with the 23rd Assembly District. An Albany native, she started as an intern in the State Assembly, while attending SUNY Albany. Kernozek proved herself as a motivated and proactive intern, and was hired when her internship ended.

After graduating from SUNY Albany with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, Kernozek relocated to the New York City area. Impressed by her talents and successes while in the legislature, Assemblymember Phil Goldfeder hired Kernozek to staff his district office in Queens. She worked for Goldfeder as a scheduler and as a community liaison. She gained extensive experience in Assembly legislative process, as well as handling relationships with constituents, civic associations and government agencies. Ms. Kernozek is currently pursuing a law degree at Touro Law Center, while working full-time with Assemblywoman Pheffer Amato.

“Amanda’s drive, dedication to her work, and capacity for management is what motivated me to promote her,” said Pheffer Amato. “I am thrilled that Amanda has been part of my team from day one. She is completely committed to help me serve the entire district, and she always serves to the best of her ability. Her positive attitude, dedication, and seemingly boundless energy have earned her this role, and I look forward to having her as a partner in service to this great district.”

What’s The Popular Beer On St.Patrick’s Day?

Commentary by Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

I stopped by the local Rite Aid to see what was left after this year’s St. Patrick’s Day parade.

I wanted to kick back with some of my boys to watch the Oregon vs Oregon State game, but of course they were out of the beer my friends and I drink.

A popular beer like Bud Light Lime, Bud Light Platinum, Miller, Miller Light, Guinness, were all missing from the shelves.

My last by not least choice were Old English 800 malt liquor, but they all were outta that too.

So, “what ah bro a do”?

My choices left were Corona (Which I drank but friends do not), Old Milwaukee (What the F is that?) Keystone Light (I’m not from Pennsylvania), Budweiser (Full stock should be enough said), Coors Light? Nastiest beer to ever be sold on the face of the Earth.

Eric Ulrich Maybe Ready To Run For Mayor

Road To City Hall

NY1 VIDEO: Is Queens Councilman Eric Ulrich running for Mayor? He sat down with Errol Louis to discuss his political ambitions and his strong criticism of the Mayor’s policies on homelessness.

Watch here. NY1 allows 5 free videos a week if you are not a Spectrum customers.




Rockaway City Councilmen Vote Yes To Recycling Incentive Programs In Public Housing

By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

Both Rockaway Councilmen’s Donovan Richards (31) and Eric Ulrich (32) vote yes on a local law to amend the administrative code of the city of New York, in relation to voluntary recycling incentive pilot programs in public housing.

The bill in detail is written,  ” This bill would require the Department of Sanitation to consult with NYCHA and consider implementing a pilot incentives program to increase recycling rates in public housing. If the department concludes that such a program is feasible and would increase recycling rates, it must implement such a program by 2020 and report on its effectiveness and whether it should be made permanent after two years.

This bill was sponsored by 7 members of the council, including Rockaway’s very own, Donovan Richards.

Bill has been on the table since June 10th, 2015 and currently awaiting the Mayor’s signature as of March 1st, 2017.

Status: Enacted (Mayor’s Desk for Signature)
Committee: Committee on Sanitation and Solid Waste Management




Affordable Housing Beach Green North Gets 50,000 Applicants

EDGEMERE— More than 50,000 people applied for one of 100 apartments in an energy-efficient apartment building near the beach, officials said.

Beach Green Dunes, near Beach 44th Street and Rockaway Beach Boulevard in Edgemere, opened up its application for affordable studio to three-bedroom apartments last fall.

A total of 50,219 people applied, with the majority sending in online applications, according to the Department of Housing Preservation and Development.

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