Water Main Break Leaves Arverne Residents with Dirty Water

By Angi Gonzalez

A number of residents in the Rockaways woke up to dirty tap water on Sunday that they say it is smelly and unusable.

Arverne residents seemed to be the hardest hit and sent us a number of pictures of the dirty water.

The residents said the problem started Sunday morning between 8 and 9 am.

They told NY1 that while they and their neighbors made numerous calls to 311, they were still dealing with the issue hours later.

Some said they even started their laundry and brushed their teeth before they noticed the color change.

A city DEP Spokesperson told NY1 that the issue arose out of a leaky water main in the area that required an “emergency shutdown.”

A switch to a useable water main then resulted in the discolored water.

They said the discoloration in the water is due to sediment that is not harmful but that residents should not drink the discolored water.


An NYC Water page has more information on the issue.

Watch the video here.



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