Yesterday’s Water Samples Obtained And Testing Results

By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

Rockaway Primetime Reporting has received some testing samples of yesterday’s horrific water crisis.

Around 8 am Sunday, most residents in Rockaway have woke up on to the what we call the “great brown sugar water.”

There is just nothing sweet about the water at all.

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) issued a statement yesterday on New York 1 Spectrum News stating the following, ” There was a break on a large trunk main which feeds into Far Rockaway and Arverne. While switching over to an alternate main to maintain water to consumers there was likely discoloration caused when sediment stirred up in the system. There is no danger to public health but residents should be advised to run the water until it is clear. If the problem persists they should call 311. Our crews receive these complaints directly and will respond by flushing out the main on the block by opening hydrants.”

Rockaway Primetime Reporting will let you be the judge as you are about to witness the testing results from a private source about what was contained in our brown sugar water.


First, we have the pH/hardness/.

pH levels tested around the 8.5 range, which is slightly below normal but no grave danger to your health. (That we know of)


Hardness we are looking at 120 which once again ranges in the average hardness for big cities like New York.


Chlorine we have at 0, which is a huge plus as there were concerns in the past that chlorine was in our drinking system.

Here are some links to help you better understand what these numbers mean and where it stands compared to other drinkable waters.

Sound off Rockaway!



The brown sugar water has tested positive for pesticides and negative for lead.

Here are the health concerns when consuming whatever pesticides are in your drinking water.

Click to access drinkingwater.pdf

Click to access FACTS%20-%20Pesticides%20in%20Drinking%20Water.pdf

3 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Water Samples Obtained And Testing Results”

  1. So should the health dept and Dep work collaboratively to ensure that no contaminants present any clear and present danger to the community. Dep communication during this crisis was poor at best. Better protocol is necessary with DEP in promptly notifying the community.


      1. The Rockaway Peninsula need to develop some form of central email/ text like OEM to handle emergencies especially the type of response on weekends and holidays. If this water main break occurred approx 8 AM but the notification did not hit 311 until after 12 pm that is a window of time had it been a disaster the body count and injuries would have been unnecessarily high. Either link the capabilities of OEM or develop a communication apparatus that works. Everyone is not on Facebook or Twitter etc.. we have to be prepared.


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