VIA Community Services, Inc. Host Zombie Wedding On The Boardwalk

What:​!st Annual Rockaway Zombie Wedding 

When:​October 1, 2017


Who:​VIA Community Services, Inc.

Where:​The Boardwalk


Time:​12:00 PM



VIA Community Services, Inc. is planning a Zombie Wedding and you’re invited!


VIA Community Services hopes to be able to provide important services to survivors of Relationship Violence and Sexual assault and their families.  


Here in the Rockaways, we are a little isolated and many important services are only available to those who can travel to other parts of the city. Did you know that the nearest SAFE Center of Excellence that treats survivors of Sexual Assault is at Elmhurst Hospital? It’s issues like this that can keep a sexual assault survivor from contacting law enforcement. VIA Community Services wants to change the way Family Violence and Sexual Assault is treated in our Peninsula.


Our Zombie Wedding will combine two awesome traditions, a Zombie Run and a Bride’s March. Plus, we hope to provide a little something more. We hope that by supporting our Zombie Wedding we can raise money to grow our organization and provide these important services to our friends and neighbors.


There will be great food, drink and music and all the fun and beauty that the Rockaways is known for!

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