The Great Black Fight! With Doctor Omar Johnson

By Michael Harriot

We Fact-Checked Umar Johnson’s Hotep Tantrum With Roland Martin Because Someone Had To




While everyone is grabbing the popcorn for the Blac Chyna-Rob Kardashian beef, the real donnybrook was happening Monday on TV One’s News One Now, when host Roland Martin had ankh-right leader Umar Abdullah-Johnson on his morning show.

Everything seemed cool in the Great Ascot vs. Daishiki War, and then everything exploded. Johnson called a panelist on the show a “coon,” and the segment erupted into a shouting match whose volume is rarely heard outside of Baptist church deacon board meetings. Even though Johnson went into his belligerent “this-motherfucker-is-lying” voice in record time, he made a number of claims about himself about which many have asked for years. Instead of wild speculation, we decided to look into these claims and settle them once and for all.

To be clear, The Root does not have a vendetta against Umar Johnson, but we believe anyone who has collected almost three-quarters of a million dollars from black people should be vetted. You think Newsweek would do this? Do you think the Washington Post even knows who Umar Johnson is?

While we didn’t look into some of the more defamatory accusations that have emerged in the last weeks—the “conscious stripper” fiasco or that weird screaming video against another Hotepticon during which he answered the phone while it was still ringing—we decided to focus on the claims that have emerged from Johnson’s own un-mustachioed mouth.

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