NYC Council Member Rodriguez, NYS Assemblyman Dinowitz, NYC Public Advocate James, Riders Alliance, TWU & More Will Travel Subways to Hear About Riders’ Concerns Prior to Aug. 8 City Council Hearing on Subways

New York, NY – Elected officials are ready to ride the rails to hear directly from subway commuters in advance of a City Council hearing on August 8th. After months of delays, derailments, power outages, track fires and more, officials and advocates will take to the tunnels to get feedback, suggestions and concerns from riders, while getting a full picture of the system that sustains our city.

The 24 Hour Riders Respond Transit Tour will take place from 7 AM to 7 PM on Thursday August 3rd and Friday August 4th, touching all five boroughs. The tour is organized by NYC Council Transportation Chair Ydanis Rodriguez, in conjunction with NYS Assembly Corporations, Authorities and Commissions Chair Jeffrey Dinowitz, who each have oversight over the city subway system.

This event is supported by a growing list of elected officials and advocates, including NYC Public Advocate Letitia James, U.S. Congressman Adriano Espaillat, Brooklyn and Manhattan Borough Presidents Gale Brewer and Eric Adams, NYS Assemblywoman Carmen De La Rosa, Council Member Carlos Menchaca, Riders Alliance, Straphangers Campaign and TWU Local 100.

They will be joined by volunteers travelling from station to station to document feedback about riders’ commutes, assess the state of the system’s infrastructure and gain a feel for each line in the city. Tour participants will gather on Monday at a press conference at 12:00 noon at the City Hall R Train stop to release details about the tour, including the route and more.

“Lost over the past few months of subway woes has been the point of view of riders,” said NYC Council Transportation Chair Ydanis Rodriguez. “It is our duty as representatives of those who take the subway each day to learn about what they’re going through and hear their suggestions for improving the system. As we prepare for our subways hearing at the Council on August 8th, this tour will help to gather information and data crucial to getting a more complete picture of the system. I’m glad so many of my colleagues and interested organizations have signed on to this effort and I’m expecting a very informative tour.”

“New Yorkers are fed up with the burden shifting between New York City and New York State. Councilman Rodriguez and I, as leaders of two committees that have oversight of the MTA at both levels of government, are working together to identify problems and create solutions. There are many issues with our city’s transit including ADA accessibility, platform overcrowding, fire-causing trash on the tracks, derailments, and other problems that have combined to create the crisis we are in today,” said Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, Chair of the NYS Assembly Committee on Corporations, Authorities and Commissions.

“New York commuters have spoken and it’s far time we take note and heed their concerns regarding our subway system,” said U.S. Congressman Adriano Espaillat (NY-13). “I commend MTA Chairman Lhota on yesterday’s release of the MTA Subway Action Plan, this is a first step. Unfortunately, however, the plan excluded escalator and elevator services in some of the deepest stations in New York City, many of which are within my district. When escalator and elevator services are out of order, riders are often left without resolve and must find last minute alternate means of transportation, which is of grave concern for seniors, persons with disabilities, and families with young children. It is critical that we take a comprehensive approach and find solutions that address all parts of our system’s infrastructure. I commend Councilman Rodriguez and each of the elected officials who are responding directly to the needs of commuters throughout the city and hearing their concerns firsthand.”

“Every day, millions of New Yorkers are experiencing unprecedented delays and problems with our subway system, yet feel that their concerns are ignored,” said NYC Public Advocate Letitia James. “The Riders Respond Transit Tour is a critical opportunity to connect with subway riders and see concerns firsthand because we can no longer sit by and allow these daily failures to go unaddressed. In order to facilitate real change and improvement, we must first hear from those who ride our trains everyday and I look forward to the progress that will come from this.

“There’s no silver bullet that will fix the subway overnight, but putting the focus back on subway riders and what they’re being forced to cope with will help build support for the investment of money and political will that’s going to be needed,” said Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer.

“As the Summer of Hell continues, riders are demanding solutions-and their elected leaders are paying attention. The transit tour demonstrates powerfully that our representatives are taking on transit as issue number one,” said Nick Sifuentes, Deputy Director of the Riders Alliance.

What: Elected Officials, Advocates to hold 1st Ever 24 Hour “Riders Respond Transit Tour”

Who: NYC Council Transportation Chair Ydanis Rodriguez, NYS Assembly Corporations, Authorities and Commissions Chair Jeffrey Dinowitz, NYC Public Advocate Letitia James, U.S. Congressman Adriano Espaillat, Brooklyn and Manhattan Borough Presidents Eric Adams and Gale Brewer, NYS Assembly Members Carmen De La Rosa, Brian Barnwell, Council Member Carlos Menchaca, Riders Alliance, Straphangers Campaign and TWU Local 100 (List in Formation)

When: Rally/Press Conference – Monday, 12 Noon
Tour: Thursday/Friday, 7 AM – 7 PM

Where: Rally/Press Conference – City Hall R Train Station
Tour – Citywide (Thurs: Manhattan/Bronx/Staten Island; Fri: Brooklyn/Queens)

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