Heads Up, Rockaway! Another Pipeline Can be Coming

By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

Oh, no! Another pipeline from Williams is among us. This time the pipeline will be no secret like last time.

Organizers like Food & Water Watch are conducting door-to-door outreach about the purposed project here in the Rockaways. For more click here http://co.williams.com/expansionprojects/

Food & Water Watch’s commitment to moving New York off fossil fuels embraces opposing pipelines and power plants that transport and burn fracked oil and gas.

According to the group, “The bad news is that the proposed pipeline is dangerous, threatening our water, communities, and environment. The good news is that we have time to stop it, we’re working with great allies, and the Cuomo administration has clear authority block the project.”

The Williams energy company is proposing to build a 23-mile long pipeline that would carry fracked gas beneath New York harbor. The route of the pipeline runs along the coast of Staten Island, and then crosses the harbor south of Brooklyn and joins an existing pipeline four miles off the coast of the Rockaways.

According to Food & Water Watch, “Williams pipelines and compressor stations, in particular, have a safety record ridden with explosions, fires, and deaths.”

Rockaway Primetime Reporting released a similar claim in 2016.


Rockaway Primetime Reporting doesn’t understand why local media across Rockaway and Coney Island has not made the public aware of this project in its entirety as of yet.

Although there is opposition from Governor Cuomo’s Administration. We can never be so careful after the first pipeline was signed and approved by the Obama Administration. Both Administrations claimed to be fighting climate change but approve such projects like Williams.

Time will only tell.

Listen out for your doors Saturday.


Where: We’ll meet at Beach 67th St on the boardwalk in Queens. Take the A train.

When: Saturday, November 4th 11 am – 4 pm.

What: 11 am: Everyone meets on the boardwalk for a briefing about the Williams Pipeline. We’ll provide a script, a map, materials, and tips on how to be an effective canvasser. We’ll practice in small groups, and then send folks in pairs to nearby streets to knock on doors. People are not required to stay all the way until 4pm, but are encouraged to arrive at 11 to receive the group training and knock for as long as they like.



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