Rockaway Woman’s Editorial on Matt Lauer

By Barbara McLean

I just feel the need to speak about how many other people have been exposed since Harvey Weinstein. Anyone who knows me well knows that I have watched The Today Show for my entire adult life, day in, day out and that I’ve had a big crush on Matt Lauer. I even took my kids to stand in the audience at the Today Show.

It’s also worth noting that of the best celebrity interviews I ever saw was Charlie Rose interviewing Bruce Springsteen. Now here we are and both of these iconic journalists have been exposed as sexual predators. Both of these talented men used the power afforded to them by their position in the media to prey on women with less power. All of a sudden we are told that everyone knew and the fellow members of the media kept the curtain closed, but it took one person to come forward and speak out and these men lost their careers and thus, the power that they were able to wield over others. This leads me to have two thoughts.

The first is that it is wonderful that this groundswell of women finding their voice can lead to more and more women speaking out and if you are reading this and need to speak I will listen and advocate for you. Second, vote. Apparently, it’s not enough to come forward and speak your truth when it comes to elected officials, so going forward we must vote. We must vote in every election and vote with our hearts and our collective conscience.

We must not allow predators to continue to be elected and we certainly must not allow them to remain in office. Women, coming forward and standing strong, are getting predators out of the media. Women, voting for candidates that see women as equals who should never be objectified or preyed upon, can get predators out of our elected offices at every level.
Please keep fighting,

Barbara McLean
VIA Community Services

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